★★★Tony G Blows Ups V Phil Hellmuth★★★

Poker Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. so weird to me…..seeing all the love hellmuth hate tony g comments. I
    just don’t get it?? tony is entertaining to watch and most of his antics
    are psych games/strategy, also most of the time he’s actually a pretty
    gracious loser. hellmuth is simply a tool, he has the charisma of a rock
    and he’s a terrible loser- hence his poker “brat” moniker- brat as in
    spoiled child…..

  2. Tony G in pain

  3. I don’t like G or Hellmuth but at least they’re entertaining.

  4. What is this, Kindergarten hahahahahahhaha

  5. 09:14 anyone else see the jackass in the back

  6. he didn’t even blow up at the end. BORING

  7. When I play poker I act just like my idol tong g well done tony keep up the
    good poker ethics love ya bud

  8. Tony g is a fucking nooob :) )))

  9. enjoyed watching this but where is the blow out against phil you fag. fuck

  10. This is my favorite video ever. Nothing beats seeing a grown 12 yr. lose
    like this. LOVE IT. He loves to needle and talk shit when he’s winning,
    then has a tantrum when he’s losing. I SO wish that the director would have
    kicked him out of the game…well….let him lose first then kicked him out
    of the casino for good.

  11. Tubby G goes home to kick a small animal.

  12. Crazy play on this table.

  13. The nicest guy in poker…Mr Tony G!!!!!

  14. Tony G is a fucking dickhead. Delighted to see Helmuth send him packing.

  15. Eh, it’s questionable in your typical poker game, but against Tony G A8
    could be in decent shape against most of his hands. Especially in this
    format where you get points based on how you place in the hands, you can’t
    just let the bigger stack go all-in all the time, you have to look him up
    once in a while, and A8 looks pretty good when he’s moving in more often
    than he should.

  16. crying about the dealer is bush league horseshit. stupid call by De Wolfe

  17. Where the hell stupid man did you see Angus from two and a half men in that
    video you are so stupid :) ))

  18. Hellmuth is a bigger man than me, i would have fucked with tony g

  19. Fucking childish brat! I would rather have a whining Hellmut at the table
    then this mf..

  20. amazing a hole, i love it

  21. Tony G. Legend

  22. Derpleton Herpson

    I know he is like the nicest person ever, bad things happen to such nice

  23. tony g,,,,,soft fucking fat baby

  24. hell yeah thats what i been trying to say !

  25. jesusthroughmary

    Spam and perversion in one post – kudos.