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  1. 029716239 029716239

    damnit stop spoiling and liking the spoiler’s comment

  2. bsebll552 bsebll552

    I Know, I was just saying, every ME champion of the last decade got hit with the deck.

  3. MarkoAnzio MarkoAnzio

    I didn’t say he was bad. He was definitely getting whacked in the face with the deck.

  4. bsebll552 bsebll552

    Anyone who has won the ME since 2002 and every winner from here on out is going to be a luckbox. Its just fact at this point. But luckbox doesnt mean a player is bad.

  5. MarkoAnzio MarkoAnzio

    Raymer is definitely a luck box but he plays very aggressive.He is also very classy.

  6. mrprestoneable mrprestoneable

    hahahahahaha they used cardboard boxes back then

  7. mrprestoneable mrprestoneable

    hahahahahaha they used carboard boxes back then

  8. pilamcnu pilamcnu

    Matt Dean really had a final table melt down

  9. someguy111222 someguy111222

    id be trying not to freak out if i was this far

  10. cantdo cantdo

    now he can afford some hotter wifes right?

  11. senorclean3 senorclean3

    Agreed. Yang and Gold are terrible. I will give Golde some…SOME ability to play. But Yang. Garbage. I really really wanted DW to win this tourney though.

  12. sneak108 sneak108

    doyle came close. won back to back. then lost to stuey in 80 like a year later. stuey got doyle for one of his titles. and Chan got seidel once in heads up, so that was big too. those 3 are the best easily tho. i dont know about moss, cause once he was voted in, and the next year he basicly won a 6 man sit n go.

  13. GialloHorror GialloHorror

    I think Chan’s 1st, 1st, 2nd in 87,88 and 89 has to be the biggest accomplishment in poker. I mean yeah, the fields were much smaller but nobody else has done that

  14. sneak108 sneak108

    if i a woman won it now i think we could get another spike in players. i think we had 8k this year…

  15. sneak108 sneak108

    who let gilligan go deep? lol

  16. sneak108 sneak108

    JAAAA! lol get this clown show out of here

  17. sneak108 sneak108

    nobody has went back to back since tho. matt affleck was pretty good but not even one final table. adam levy twice deep but not close to action dan…. its not easy to get to final 9 even if 200 was in it. its a bigtime accomplishment. his game is tight and his name is action dan lol

  18. sneak108 sneak108

    i would like to see a top 100 list of the top accomplishments in poker. like what harrington did and other things. and have all fans vote. and see where harringtons back to back stands. i heard hellmuth the other day say it was only about 10th best thing to him.

  19. MrBadumtish MrBadumtish

    … good game.


    raymer has a horse shoe up his ass

  21. TheHeir23 TheHeir23

    Imagine that … 2003 = 839 players, 2004 = 2576 … in 2009 there were over 6000 players. It’s like a rush.

  22. srong srong

    Mattias Andersson’s gone. JAAAAAA!

  23. kikkers123 kikkers123

    Raymer got very lucky here ! But he’s a much better player than Yang and Gold, he deserved it obviously more.

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