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  1. bballcenter7 bballcenter7

    holy crap, that was kevin schaffel. He made the final table this year

  2. SaderMatt SaderMatt

    Lol at the video ending right at the climax of a play. “Matthias pacing and
    OH IT’S A SP–“

  3. ihateidiotcomments ihateidiotcomments

    I shouldn’t of married a women I met at Jiffy Lube.That is classic Chad.

  4. frank jaeger frank jaeger


  5. catteys catteys

    chris ferguson – fair play to him he’s not afraid to be different!!

  6. Narinder Singh Narinder Singh

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  7. Arty Lee Arty Lee

    Andersson is so weird. Early on in the tourney when blinds were about 6000,
    he open raised 100,000 with aces, essentially turning his cards face up,
    but was lucky to get a short stack to call. In this segment, he’s all in
    against a flopped flush and thinks an ace will give him the best hand! How
    did he get to the final table when he appears to not know how to play?

  8. Cut3ygurl86 Cut3ygurl86

    ja ja spade idiot not an ace lol who is this guy

  9. Robespierre7 Robespierre7

    He didn’t actually open that pot. Gus Hansen raised and Andersson shoved a
    little over 100K. I agree it was a big overbet, but there was another
    player in the pot.

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