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  1. jrmenard630 jrmenard630

    sounds like Joe Cada

  2. thechucker44 thechucker44

    Black guy without a father…what a shock. And a black mother that doesnt want to be a mother…just a friend to her son.

  3. wavemotionburn wavemotionburn

    Am I the only one who thinks the upside down glasses are just fuckin ridiculous? Lol.

  4. artysmokes artysmokes

    Williams went on a helluva streak. He was all in with a short stack so many times, usually with the worst hand pre-flop, on his way to a very high finish.

  5. someguy111222 someguy111222

    that JAAA guy is just to much,,,funny

  6. CFCwillyb CFCwillyb

    i wish williams never rivered the flush there, then we wouldnt have seen so much of his crap for years to come. K9 why? his scary ass looking friend told him one more out and you get an extra 100grand…

  7. GialloHorror GialloHorror

    Do not question Dan Harrington

  8. notpresentlyhear notpresentlyhear

    action dan always looks like hes almost asleep

  9. gppf91 gppf91

    I imagine he had huge pot odds, something they don’t actually detail in these broadcasts, unlike after the new broadcasting format introduced in 2007 where each raise and the money in the pot is all fully detailed.
    Dan knew he would be behind and figured he would have correct pot odds, figuring he would probably have live cards against A10, AJ or even a small pair.

  10. meispao meispao

    everybody has to gamble once in a while

  11. toddkw toddkw

    dan probably thought he had the right pot odds, assuming his hand wasnt dominated

  12. lurgertor lurgertor

    Williams must have been really really short for Harrington to call there.

  13. 12431342 12431342

    lol wtf. Call his all in with a 8 9.

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