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  1. Curtis Payne Curtis Payne

    5:30 whoop his punk ass! “I cant believe he called my all in with 2 jacks” dude’s playin checkers and their playin chess

  2. livingeasi livingeasi

    2:24 Murphy should have checked. Arieh would have bet and lost about 2 mil. Shit

  3. Legenden Karim Leonardo Abbad Legenden Karim Leonardo Abbad

    play trips the same way? You ever played poker?

  4. Arty Lee Arty Lee

    Actually, seeing the chip stack totals, it was a major blunder by Murphy to bet all in with his full house. A smaller value bet or even a check, may very well have induced Josh to shove 1.2 million with his King flush and not only get busted, but give Murph the chip lead.

  5. Arty Lee Arty Lee

    Arieh did a brilliant laydown with the king flush, but he’s an ass when other people beat him.

  6. luiman77 luiman77

    Arieh is collosal prick!!

  7. compdude47 compdude47

    Fuck you Arieh you cunt

  8. terps848 terps848

    I love watching Arieh lose. He is such a punk. Someone should put him and Andersson in a room and have them beat on each other.

  9. GialloHorror GialloHorror

    If Murphy checks there, Arieh gets crippled.

    Murphy should’ve acted like the heart scared him.
    His quick all in told Arieh he was really strong, and that Arieh was behind

  10. ciresaru94 ciresaru94

    i see someone here saying its a terrible fold by arieh in the hand with is that a terrible fold?its a monster fold.very nice

  11. freekyidea freekyidea

    I think Murphy called all in is a good move, too.
    Cause he always plays aggressive, it’s kind like try to bluff to buy the pot.
    And also Arieh has balls to call that like he did earlier(he call all in with 9-10), I mean this trip could be work!

  12. miro108 miro108

    But what a move by Murphy!

  13. happyhammer93 happyhammer93

    What a fold by Arieh!

  14. pritika2408 pritika2408

    I agree

  15. ramonmcgrady ramonmcgrady

    i hate the spoiler on the more info section, you should remove it!

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