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About WPT Borgata Poker Open

Jesse Sylvia became runner up in the 2012 WSOP ME event.

This time he broke the limits and won the WPT Borgata Poker Open. It was definitely a lucky event for Jesse, who did not miss out on the chances presented to him. He finished second to Greg Merson when he participated in the 2012 World Series of Poker. It was the main event where he ended up finishing second. This time he has been successful in winning the title of World Poker Tour that was held in Atlantic City

Sylvia has been moving up the ladders of success slowly. For instance, he finished in the third place for several events he participated in from the year 2012. He has managed to win a major title this year. The first place prize has been $821,811. This achievement had come to him as a result of defeating pro Farid Jattin, the Columbian. Even though Farid held onto his chips in the final six beginnings, he had to exit soon.

This proved lucky for Sylvia. The first blow that he dealt to Jattin was when he tripled his bet through Simon Lam. Both Jattin and Simon suffered blows from Sylvia as a result. Larn was able to double through Jattin while Taha Maruf worn off Larn. Zach then took on the lead and managed to make six million chips from him. Jattin then took on Sylvia. Jattin was doing well after which he suddenly went down to 26 hands. Chris Limo also exited fifth. Lam ended up in fourth position. Sylvia definitely had the right strategies in place and his luck held as well in this tournament. As a result, he has definitely emerged the winner this year after several struggles in the previous years. It remains to be seen how the rest of the year works out for him.