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Antoine Saout, a France poker player

Antoine Saout is born on 26th Jun 1984 in France. He is a professional poker player. He started playing poker in 2007. In that year, he played only online poker tournaments. After one and half year he started playing in live poker tournaments. In 2009, he finished at the final table of the WSOP main event. In the same year, he won a cash prize of $114,228 in WSOP main event which took place in Europe. Again in the same year, he finished in 3rd place and won $3,479,485 but beaten by Joe Cada using Ace and king. He cashed five times in ‘World Series of Poker’ main event. He finished in final tables 2 times of ‘World Poker Tour’ events.

He cashed three times in ‘World Poker Tour’ events. He does not have any record in European Poker Tour events. His dressing style is very simple. He is not so much successful player. He started playing poker early in his career, so he played many poker tournaments. He was very interested in playing online poker tournaments. He is most popular poker player in France. He is European player, but not have any record in ‘European Poker Tournaments’. He is one of the successful players of poker who are successful in the ‘World Series of Poker’ events instead of ‘European Poker Tour’ and because of that he is famous in Europe.

He is an aggressive player, and he does not use any special techniques or theory such as chess to play the poker. He worked in the company for long duration and plays online poker games tournaments. His total of winning cash prize exceeds $5,000,000. From 2009, he became a regular player of live tournaments. He does not have any bracelet in the WSOP Main event. He does not have any special record in the ‘World Poker Tour’. He is a popular player of 2009 in which he had cashed three times in the WSOP main event.