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Bitcoin Poker A New Format

Like many even you would have been thinking what is Bitcoin poker?

Well, this is the new concept of poker that has been introduced to give a twist to the poker game. Some sites have already started using this format while some are in the process to introduce it. The situation is same with poker players too; some players have got familiar with new Bitcoin poker while some are still trying to understand it.

In Bitcoin poker crypto currency is used to make a deposit of funds, request withdrawal of funds and to place bets. It has been already embraced by large operator and slowly becoming popular with small operators too.

The format of Bitcoin poker is same as normal poker. The only difference here instead of Dollars player has to use Bitcoin. It is not tough for players to understand new concepts. But yes, as far as withdrawal of an amount is concerned then there is some confusion among players.

The new format of the game may not appeal to poker players that are hardcore and love traditional poker only, the three dimensional dynamics of game site and the new twist introduced in the game is expected to encourage new players in this industry. It is not like Bitcoins are new to the poker world. Instead, it was launched in 2009 and the concept became extremely popular too. But that was only within professional gamers and tech-lovers. Now, it is reintroduced with a twist for all general players of poker.

Bitcoins are safer than the old method of betting and withdrawal in poker. Each transaction made here is recorded and a database is created for same. Moreover, the user’s identity remains anonymous. These combinations of features, making the Bitcoin poker a wise step because of secure transactions, it will attract new customer bases in coming time.