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  1. apt981 apt981

    look at his hand lol That’s why he was dying. He really wanted to try to bluff him, but the laugh xD

  2. BillaPunkSk8ter BillaPunkSk8ter

    blinds were smaller…. they were in a tournament…..

  3. heat4yoass heat4yoass

    I think the players make these crazy calls just to troll Phil and see him react.

  4. daradevil123 daradevil123

    this is not a bluff , he had a flush draw

  5. Manveru31 Manveru31

    Phil played cards, Adams played poker 😉

  6. FailureSetsUK1 FailureSetsUK1

    I Agree with phil this bloke is a complete idiot! made a donky move and caught a flop thats all!

  7. range5ify range5ify

    in a heads up tourney this is a 6 max cash game theres a diff

  8. Roma2hf3JhSMMaggiore Roma2hf3JhSMMaggiore

    yeah cash games and tournaments are different and you definetely play looser in cash games with 5 players than in a tournament heads-up! 😀 That is a good rule of thumb.

  9. rmur23 rmur23

    i love phil

  10. DnBfreakz DnBfreakz

    That’s true, and I love to watch Phil blowing up and everything… but his comment was in reference to the blind structure and that stage in the HU trny. Cash games are much different than tournaments.

  11. leavethebunnyalone leavethebunnyalone

    “Full Tilt is run by much more honorable people than Pokerstars. So you’re money is much more likely to be safe there.” – brandon adams on twitter just before black friday

    BA you miserable piece of shit

  12. Phyrexious Phyrexious

    If you wanna see a video on youtube where Phil wins you have to go back to video’s shot like 20 years ago..

    Oh Phil, we love you.

  13. MadnessInsane MadnessInsane

    it wasnt really a bluff because he could’ve allways gotten a flush…

  14. MrOlliguitar MrOlliguitar

    i know he won a lot but he always sucks at these cash games. he’s always steaming and losing… like a fish.

  15. PhoenixJuice PhoenixJuice

    Biggest loser on poker tv shows, actually he always expects to lose because he is so negative

  16. rcomid rcomid

    @Monsterkosh That was headsup tournament idiot!

  17. bj07bran7 bj07bran7

    But it wasn’t a bluff. It was a semi-bluff, he flopped the club flush draw

  18. oskarveliky oskarveliky

    nice talk around 6:00 beeep beeeeeep beep beeeeeeeeeeeep :DDD

  19. bb2556 bb2556

    every time phil outdraws someone he’ll said “i would have ship on the [insert flop/turn/river here] anywayz”

  20. Jackpot Kill Jackpot Kill

    so much fun to see phil hllmuth tilt… brandon just cannot wipe off the smile… nice job brandon

  21. Mozdk1 Mozdk1


    Listen to his voice. All harsh and shake when he says “I’m all in”

    I am definately no expert on tells even tho I’ve played a lot live, but THIS is definately a tell that he is bluffing. How do I know? It’s something I have my self at times when bluffing in a big pot.

    But there is a chance he is doing it on purpose to double level Helmuth… Which I doubt tho.

  22. Kuuma86 Kuuma86

    Hellmuth played it so bad, its fold or all-in pre with those stacksizes and if u gonna call pre you cant fold after flop like that. Really bad poker to give 20k (25% of his stack) away without possibility to win.

  23. 4JayeP 4JayeP

    That is absolutely true….in Phyllis’ mind, anyways.

  24. lifeofbryon lifeofbryon

    Someone outmanouvers Phil, they are an idiot or a moron. Phil bluffs someone, he is a genius.

  25. CashLolStudio CashLolStudio

    I love watching Hellmuth suffer.

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