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  1. MattJones1418 MattJones1418

    oh so ya’ll must be some ugly muthafuckas then

  2. collin121212 collin121212

    no y the fuck would i think any relatives are hot

  3. MattJones1418 MattJones1418

    uhhh… do u have any hot relatives (female)?

  4. collin121212 collin121212

    thats wat u think ask me n e question

  5. MattJones1418 MattJones1418

    no he’s not

  6. wc123 wc123

    and ugly?

  7. FanDamFan FanDamFan

    Are you chubby too?

  8. collin121212 collin121212

    gavins my uncle

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