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  1. skylinelover08 skylinelover08

    pause at 1:30 and he looks like a poker devil!!

  2. DemiAps DemiAps

    “Play only once table the FIRST time”…

  3. nobrainQQ nobrainQQ

    A beginner have a lot of information to deal in one single table. As they progress and become natural readers of board textures, turns, stacks, hands, time, stage, probability, equity, metagame… THEN one table become really boring…

  4. nobrainQQ nobrainQQ

    Well it seems obvious… but go into a Card Room and you will see some people that don’t even know the rules for minimum raises, i.e.

    So, thats quite an useful tip for beginners: try to understand the fucking rules…

  5. UnknownEncryption UnknownEncryption

    good advice but i don’t agree with his bankroll management 

  6. spelatight spelatight


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  8. EdwardJamesCastSly EdwardJamesCastSly

    thats… scary

  9. PokerChampCoaching PokerChampCoaching

    Gus has an unorthodox style and some interesting theories.

  10. galleon5 galleon5

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  11. TheFogey17 TheFogey17

    The amount of spam and ads on these comments is ridiculous

  12. solittleusernames solittleusernames

    well you can’t make $150 an hour reliably… poker still does have to do with luck i mean you can’t bluff your way to victory every time when your on a bad beat i mean some times even the pros get bad cards for months and can’t make anything

  13. MostarBrato MostarBrato

    just listen to your opponent tips and you will never lose a penny best poker strategy ever, see you at the tables

  14. RigTheRake RigTheRake


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  15. janeharrisonuk janeharrisonuk

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  16. SuperOldwiseman SuperOldwiseman

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  17. champions20000009 champions20000009


  18. Gmichels07 Gmichels07

    I do all my poker practicing right here (
    Its amazing, the computer generated situations completely prepares you for when your ready to step up to the real thing.

  19. leanayarbe leanayarbe


  20. aliabideen aliabideen

    I have 2 tips ………. “Save your money, dont play poker.” but if you are a wild kid then remember “Play few hands and bluff even fewer.”

  21. TheNipplesofGod TheNipplesofGod

    “When you log in to Full tilt poker for the first time” We will rape you and take all your money even if you have pocket AA!!

  22. mike978508 mike978508

    ” keep the chat box open ” becuz you need friends too lol

  23. 123serg123 123serg123

    dont listin 2 gus he sucks

  24. paparazzi1979 paparazzi1979

    thats good advice

  25. harrymerritt69 harrymerritt69


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