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  1. Abernesmagt Abernesmagt

    Your mom is what we call a “maniac”

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  3. galleon5 galleon5

    Check out this list of best poker websites:

  4. calebsworkaccount calebsworkaccount

    Pointless, no actual instructions for beginners.

  5. rockardross rockardross

    he’s telling beginners not to bluff too much!

  6. Jody Wagner Jody Wagner

    Gus Hanson telling people to not bluff too much? What? LOL

  7. banner198989 banner198989

    Im kinda broke my pokerstars account ID is Poker_K1ng89 If you could send me 1$ I’d appreciate it!

  8. poisonhemlock poisonhemlock

    Gus Hansen is what we call a “maniac.”

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