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  1. JBades6310 JBades6310

    that quote at the end, “to you it’s poker, but to me it’s my life!” is so lame. phil, do you realize you play a card game for your life? what a meaningful life you’re living

  2. IFiiDdy IFiiDdy

    Phil’s attitude is a disgrace to pro sports players everywhere.

  3. Supersburone90 Supersburone90

    The people plays trash hand vs Hellmuth only to see these scenes.

  4. fishontilt64 fishontilt64

    buddy…that’s sick

  5. Oreillyisthebest Oreillyisthebest

    nothing makes me happier on a daily basis than to see phil lose

  6. Oreillyisthebest Oreillyisthebest

    hahah dragomir famous for being an IDIOT

    oh this world what has it come to

  7. J1219L J1219L

    What’s funny about dedicating your life to something that you love?

  8. vica vox vica vox

    lol I know - POKER MATTERS DAMMIT!!!

  9. connfyoozed connfyoozed

    Thank you.

  10. AcesPsyched AcesPsyched

    So much depth; great comment.

  11. PerZetterberg PerZetterberg

    Phil is a kid and will never grow up to be a man.
    “To you this is poker, for me this is my life” LOL x10

  12. connfyoozed connfyoozed

    That’s what Phil gets for condescendingly telling Dragomir he would show him the hand after he re-raised. He also didn’t need to check on the flop. Play passive against a bigger stack, then insult the guy who outplayed you. Dragomir did not earn my respect by playing that hand, but he did earn my respect by not backing down from Phil’s childish behavior.

  13. MacGovernor MacGovernor

    You reap what you sow.

  14. rossy1988h rossy1988h

    The most valuable thing to win in poker, Phil Hellmuth’s tears.

  15. Misypo Misypo

    lol as much as hellmuth what a dick that was a terrible play on the guys part and hellmuth got very unlucky, but that’s poker i guess

  16. Kriko00 Kriko00

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  17. EnzoDaBoss EnzoDaBoss

    Screw u Phil.

  18. james vela james vela

    lol you must be passionate about commenting on youtube

  19. Eric205gen Eric205gen

    what a donk…no respect for people like that. well done phil.

  20. dirtymuthafuzz dirtymuthafuzz

    I cant even argue, I didn’t get a chance to watch the coverage, I don’t understand stack sizes, etc. but from everything you said it sounds a little nitty. Ended 4th though, I think so not a bad effort all round.

  21. GangstahRobin GangstahRobin


  22. GangstahRobin GangstahRobin

    shut up idiot.

  23. dirtymuthafuzz dirtymuthafuzz

    Matusow is the real dick in this video to me. He’s laughing and carrying on and getting out of his chair like it’s the funniest thing ever and as soon as Dragomir says he’s had enough Matusow starts getting on Phil’s case, telling him he’s out of line. Fuck him.

  24. Dave Patel Dave Patel

    The guy only had like 400k behind, lol. Phil could have put him all in for like 8% of his remaining stack.

    Came back to bite him in the ass. Phua doubled up on him twice.

  25. dirtymuthafuzz dirtymuthafuzz

    Dude, he’s one of the most successful poker players of all time.

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