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  1. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    lol thats true ­čśë farhas a legend tbh his´╗┐ gambling instincts are just great to watch


    All these pros play ridiculous. Watch sammy farha,´╗┐ or eli elezra, dwan, ivey , hansen. It has to be true, money makes money. When they have a feelin the play it.Ive seen some of the most craziest preflop calls, bets, and raises, especially on high stakes. Pretty sure even if u or I had that kind of money, we still would not play as loose

  3. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    i think phil still calls tbh. it is disgusting that someone can call a raise with 7 6 even in position! youve just been 3 betted… chances are he will have two overs on you, and so why call? a set in a cash game, wow just feel the money going into your pocket. he really should´╗┐ be raising, its quite passive if he wasnt being nice as he says


    Ye true. If I was in his position I was definitly raising on that river. Especially since Hellmuth made it so easy to make a raise by betting so´╗┐ small. I guess he was tryin to b nice, like he said. It wud have been even funnier if he raised, cuz Phil would flip either way, but i dont think phil would have called a raise on that river

  5. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    i know the´╗┐ collusion was a speculative troll lol. everyone knows how he will react, but i think brandon should really be raising here. theres no reason to flat, just being honest


    Why shoud he wonder. He felt like callin. 6k is nothing to these guys especially when youve already put 3k in. this has nothing to do with collusion, cuz collusion is illegal co-operation or conspiracy. They did not conspire to co-operate in any way to help each other out. Brandon just wanted to see Phil go on tilt as usual. Its funny how u call him a better player, but u can predict his bitch reactions, when he knows he played like shit.´╗┐ This has nothing to do with collusion.

  7. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    im not interested in whether its hellmuth or not, the point is brandon should be wondering why he fucked called the 3 bet… dont call me names ok? its just totally unreasonable. and yeah maybe´╗┐ but try justifying brandon flatting the river. in casinos, they see that as collusion because you deliberately saved the opponent money. massive penalties follow. just dont call me names, its not hard


    Im not sayin brandons some great player, he got lucky, but thats a part of poker. Brandon thought about it and said let me take a shot. What the´╗┐ fuck is Phil doing callin 16k after the flop. Either bet right away, or fold. Dont check call. Then he checks the turn, after a 5 comes off. and then bets 2500 on the river, into a pot of 51k. WTF. Brandon was nice to just call him. Ur just a dumb fuckin phil hellmuth dickrider.Get Hellmuths balls out of ur mouth and say something that matters.

  9. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    ur only saying cos its phil u arsehole. now justify calling a´╗┐ 3 bet with 76 … oh wait of course you will, cos ur one of those fools who justifies the donkeys plays but not the better player. pokers not about winning, its about decisions. brandons were horrible

  10. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    ignore that TOPPA guy, hes just trying´╗┐ to justify the bad player. the river bet was fine tbh, it was looking to induce a raise. and for brandon to flat after getting a miracle is atrocious! no matter what, based on hand strength brandon cannot just flat here. the way he played this was criminal from pre flop to post flop.

  11. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    and youtubers just dont wanna accept it cos they are super naive only judging on image. brandon is´╗┐ a poor player and to flat the river was nitty as fuck

  12. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    i agree, phil deserves some credit for cooly calling the flop bet and then just rightly´╗┐ checking turn. if brandon was betting the flop and CALLING a 3 bet, then why did he check aswell?? and then to flat the river is atrocious. if you cant raise with a set on the river, then you have issues tbh. unlucky phil i guess

  13. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    thanks for saying that, it is ridiculous tbh. i think youtubers should just f off if they are gonna´╗┐ berate phil on his image. phil played it fine up until brandon sucked out. how do ppl call 3 bets with 7 high..

  14. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    after phil 3 betted… so´╗┐ i see no reason to call there

  15. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    hellmuth is better than all of them. they are just insecure and love to laugh at him, which is just showing how classless they´╗┐ are

  16. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    finally someone who comments based on the players skill and not his personality:) yeah´╗┐ i agree, brandon luckboxed this hand real bad. someone justify the flatcall at the end please

  17. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    nice flat call at the end… fucking nit! who just flats there? no compelling reason to do that. i think brandon was lucky, no good play. calls a raise pre with 76 (wierd) and then he fires at two overs… he says he put phil on a middle pair and still bets flop… i really hate brandon, just no class. he´╗┐ didnt beat his ass, he sucked out a two outer and just flatted the river which is just amateur. and the rest of them are arseholes for berating phil when phil was trying to question his play

  18. SwantonSexBomb SwantonSexBomb

    It’s not rocket science. He flat called to force Phil to show his 9’s, and hence put him on tilt – and probably to boost his own fame in poker. Something he accomplished. If he had re-raised, Phil would’ve´╗┐ folded, this clip wouldn’t make the cut, and Brandon would be a nobody.

  19. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    “I cant believe Brian just called.” Hellmuth might have had a better hand, that’s´╗┐ why he “just called”.

  20. ToxicFail1 ToxicFail1

    Everyone on´╗┐ Youtube is a poker expert.

  21. Pruane2ishot Pruane2ishot

    My question is: How the **** does phil laak afford´╗┐ playing high stakes? he never wins PAD or HSP

  22. Businessmanthess Businessmanthess

    Brandon’s just the donk of this table,no surprise…Hellmuth played so good in this,he´╗┐ just got unlucky!

  23. habs798693 habs798693

    He says he put Phil on a middle pair, and was gonna “beat his ass”? Guy´╗┐ hit trips on the river and didn’t even have the balls to raise Phil.

  24. vlatkori vlatkori

    look at these bets i mean Dwan or Ivey will call´╗┐ 2.5K bet with any hand or probably raise and scare Phil away i mean come on…

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