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  1. bmkarr1 bmkarr1

    Poker doesn’t take skill… you clearly know nothing about it then.

  2. JackoWacko4Tabacko2 JackoWacko4Tabacko2

    lol at contradicting your post, idiot. Unless you truly believe that poker should be allowed into the olympics, in which case you really are an idiot.

  3. Durrrrra1 Durrrrra1

    he’s never on tilt, he just act like it

  4. amsmith941 amsmith941

    U are full of shiy jacko

  5. JackoWacko4Tabacko2 JackoWacko4Tabacko2

    Yeah, that’s because you’re just as aware of the truth as I am. It’s no joke that people take this game way too seriously but It’s even worse when people like you try to act as if the problem doesn’t even persist.

  6. 88esreveR 88esreveR

    Lol, I’m not even going to respond to that.

  7. JackoWacko4Tabacko2 JackoWacko4Tabacko2

    Don’t tell me you’re about to say that Poker takes even the smallest ounce of skill to play. Watch, next thing you’ll say is that Poker should be allowed into the Olympics.

  8. bb3xhrhj bb3xhrhj

    Phil is underrated

  9. spliefer spliefer


  10. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    Adams is a pretty creepy guy.

  11. Be4TinGyoU Be4TinGyoU

    Just look at brandons body language when he says all in, as soon as he says it he puts his hand up to his mouth as if trying to hide what just came out his mouth. Phil hellmuth the self proclaimed best player in the world who harps on about his reading abilities just lol didn’t pick up on any of it

  12. tansuturdag tansuturdag

    helmuth is good. He perfectly put the guy on a goofy hand.

  13. 88esreveR 88esreveR

    That’s why they’re playing, and you’re watching them.


    i cant believe he folded AJ so easy
    i would’ve called instantly.

  15. DirtySouth2DirtyJerz DirtySouth2DirtyJerz

    Lol well he did say Russ Hamilton totally mind fucked Mike’s psyche and The Mouth never really recovered after being cheated out of several million.

  16. johndavis550 johndavis550

    I just love watching phil steam,. its the highlite of my day

  17. Johnrl21 Johnrl21

    Damn good poker….at least it’s not AIPF races…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. nimblenimrod69 nimblenimrod69

    thats not a bluff another club wouldve murked his ass

  19. EGarrett01 EGarrett01

    At 2:09 Hellmuth turned into durrr. His body language and speed of movement and everything exactly matched Tom Dwan’s big-pot slack-jawed chip shuffling for about 10 seconds.

    WTF that was weird.

  20. leandroearth leandroearth

    Not an easy decision, a flush draw it’s always flush draw… I happens.
    I think it was a good lay down….
    hard to judge

  21. pufifa pufifa

    ►►  /watch?v=dPKvO4hPWUA ◄◄

  22. SamLYuan SamLYuan

    Anyone notice Mike the nit Matasow saying “I knew it” after the bluff is shown, but he’s the one that folded AJ

  23. MsMarc1234 MsMarc1234

    Who says that high stakes players dont write on youtube? 😉

  24. mr2gti mr2gti

    Hellmuth was lucky – 9-6 was coming lol

  25. sdubs3123 sdubs3123

    haha…its an easy game when you can see both players cards

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