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  1. longlivecrow longlivecrow


  2. mike b mike b

    I LOVE when this Douche loses

  3. tcacVII tcacVII

    0:56 is such an angle shoot. So gross.

  4. 1skullduggery 1skullduggery

    like extending your arm with chips in your hand then bringing it back, which i think is illegal; i don’t know if ‘false mucking’ is allowed or not. i would think it would be allowed.

  5. rjp9871 rjp9871

    wasnt that an angle shoot? guy acted like he was going to muck then looked at phil and called

  6. flint24 flint24

    Fucking Baby

  7. johnny boychuck johnny boychuck

    “i mean i lost 50, its not a lot of money” ya…not a lot of money O.o

  8. mrradams4616 mrradams4616

    1:07 makes me laugh every time like he knew the shit was about to hit the fan.

  9. TheFirstDudeOnEarth TheFirstDudeOnEarth

    dude everyone knows he has skill its when he cant take bad beats an brags about beating everyone. poker is luck an skill an he can neverrrrrr go full blast on his decisions an thats why he cant be the best any more. YES we knowwwwww hes got 12 braclets now or wateva but its just annoying how a guy can brag an then cry wen he loses. its pathetic. he doesnt deserve them bracelets cos hes got no good attitude

  10. TehRenting TehRenting

    it’s a shame that most videos on youtube of phil are his bad beats… he often plays the hand very well and he isn’t the owner of 11 bracelets because he blows up everytime he takes a bad beat. think about it, you can’t get 11 bracelets with just luck. the man is still a better player than any of the people at the table overall

    it’s a shame 🙁

  11. skaloon skaloon

    it’s a normal bag – grow up jeez

  12. Peter Ulrik Röder Peter Ulrik Röder

    Nice fold there by Adams with A6 suited.

  13. Be4TinGyoU Be4TinGyoU

    Hellmuth is the biggest cocksucker in the world, it would make my day to wake up one day and heard he’d been shot for insulting someone.

  14. dadude86 dadude86

    Bullshit !

  15. fall0rn fall0rn

    Solid Reraise with ak there

  16. gogglespiazzano gogglespiazzano

    david, none of your hands are famous you clown.

  17. johndavis550 johndavis550

    I really just feel sad for phil. poker the game that he loves makes him so unhappy.I mean phil go to the lake and settle down with a beer and a good book.

  18. LaLuz108 LaLuz108

    the funny thing is Helmuth thinks he’s won for a second when they show their cards. He’s happy at first then sees the 9.

  19. rarulis rarulis

    Hellmuth is such a fucking pussy. Stop crying you rich fuck when you get 3 outed.

  20. skaloon skaloon

    mister mature. have some fun – it’s boring to live your life other way

  21. doohgk doohgk

    Leann is so fucking cute. omg!

  22. RevZman RevZman

    What’s wrong with having a purse?

  23. laistar laistar

    hahahaha hilarious how the commentator knew what was coming “OHH BOY”

  24. Gunners4LifeCF Gunners4LifeCF

    If you’re Indiana Jones, it’s a satchel. When you’re Phil Hellmuth, it’s a purse.

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