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Liberty Poker Night to present gun

UO Young American for Liberty is all set to play host to a poker night on campus with raffle off prizes of a rifle and two handguns. As per the event’s official Facebook page, YAL thinks the university’s ban on gun “puts students in danger.” And free poker night looks to “spur a campus wide discussion on gun rights and the right to protect yourself on campus.”
The page told that this year, Oak Grove Gun Shop in Eugene donated a .40S&W Sig Sauer handgun. Mazama Gun Shop presented a Weatherby Vangaurd 243 Rifle with a Simmons Scope 3.5-10/40. It further added that a Bersa Thunder handgun has also landed a prize thanks to a donation from Oregon Firearms Federation and Mazama Sporting Goods.
The Facebook page also features an image of Sig Sauer and clarifies that as guns are not permitted on the campus, the transaction would take place off campus at a federally licensed firearms dealer in accordance with all state and federal rules. They would never be brought to campus.

Young American for Liberty went before Oregon’s Associated Students of the University to ask for backing for the tournament. Members were asked US$ 950 to reserve the ballroom in EMU and pizza at its 5-hour event on 20th Nov. It is believed that the tournament will draw in two-hundred. The request was voted down by the ASUO.
Following the recent Umpqua Community College killings, the gun giveaway is triggering an outcry on social media.