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  1. Jadith22 Jadith22

    have you played online at all?? any idea what some of
    those idiots will play???

  2. Ballenstinken Ballenstinken

    He is right. When you just feal your opponent has got AA you have to lay down every hand. Even the Kings.

  3. laffizzle laffizzle

    damn i miss this guy with all his cgi all in and tournament indicator nonsense mumbo jumbo.

  4. n3nshat11 n3nshat11

    full tilt is a joke

  5. James Thai James Thai

    I am glad finally that I uncovered quite a few tactics on publishing an online game. This would generally help me and others who are gonna be distribution managers especially for online games……

  6. MrDataCode MrDataCode

    What about KK, QQ, AA?

  7. JSunnijam JSunnijam

    You go HARD out. Raise whenever you can preflop.
    This wil force semi good hands to fold (like J, 10).

    This will mostly leave you and the guys with hands like KA, AQ, KQ left. And from there you need to alter depending on flop. If flop is all low cards..BET BET BET..and they will think you got a pocket low cards. (55, 66, 99 and such).

    If you get a good flop, check….Someone else will probably bet…and you can raise.

  8. johnnycheck99 johnnycheck99

    What is the best way to play AA KK QQ in 9-handed sit ‘n’ go’s??? I always lose with these hands-every time. Should you always bet big with these premium hands? Because you always get callers and get overtaken? Or go ‘all-in’ with them? It is infuriating losing with these great starting hands!!!

  9. jsham23 jsham23

    I dont agree with the fold on the button. Getting 2:1 as a 3:2 dog most of the time and your left with a pretty handy stack still should you lose.

  10. LithiumLad LithiumLad

    what program is that?

  11. parisianna87 parisianna87

    in the balance, great tips.

  12. Minsheme Minsheme

    you’re a spastic

  13. tmalsixx tmalsixx

    man i hate people like u using huds and graphs n shit. do it the real way marty mcfly 

  14. AdamMCrawford AdamMCrawford

    You could not have played those few hands worse.

  15. MachDaddyXI MachDaddyXI

    where did you get the match cards odds panel and win odds???

  16. tiopatxi3333 tiopatxi3333

    great video

  17. abelton2007 abelton2007

    lad it wouldent let me send you 75 dollars last night. you closed your account ? i won a big tourney so i thought i would front the cash

  18. 70ME3E 70ME3E

    do u know what stealing the blinds are for?…

  19. MultiClickonme MultiClickonme

    its called stealing the blinds

  20. zandmonkey zandmonkey

    heey, nice vid. what programs do you use? thanks

  21. paparazzi1979 paparazzi1979

    Thanks!!! i think the “wait 10sec ” part will help my game a lil

  22. PrtyBs PrtyBs

    107…. what a bad raise :/

  23. arminask arminask

    put a donk on it

  24. tmalsixx tmalsixx

    why dont u take taht little program off. because when i see you at a real table in vegas someones gonna have to stake you

  25. Sandman164 Sandman164

    wich poker site is it ?

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