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  1. OMGVinDiesel OMGVinDiesel


  2. xblackredx xblackredx

    LOL how stupid are you that you can’t even realise the video is a parody? I’m seriously amazed that there are people out there as dense as yourself. I literally spat my coffee out laughing when I read your comment, you dumbfuck

  3. georgetaylor100 georgetaylor100

    oh i get it, he is taking the piss

  4. georgetaylor100 georgetaylor100

    who plays 2 , 7 off first hand, he got lucky

  5. weefeatures weefeatures

    you are a retarted moran and an idoit. 103 double suited can make low straights and high straights and can make two flushes, which are twice as powerful as normal flushes. Water boat is one of the greatest online tournament players, invented the twilight, reverse twilight and I believe he’s engineering a twilight 2.0 which he’ll release soon (I hope). Show some respect to the legend that is…. water boat

  6. Jacob Stokes Jacob Stokes

    Dude you are a fucking DONKEY !!! Seriously… playability?????????? 10 3 has non eyou donkey you just got hell of lucky… you piss me off by posting this shit !!! New comers to the game dnt listen to this bitch… 1.5 million isnt enough for you bahahahaha you are playing 1 dollar tourneys… you are A COMPLETE FUCK !!!!!!!

  7. realdesertkickin realdesertkickin

    Ya, I get it now…I posted before I learned poker…

  8. Ictrlurmnd Ictrlurmnd

    it’s because it is real and funny

  9. CarsMoneyPleasure CarsMoneyPleasure

    listening to abba in the background

  10. realdesertkickin realdesertkickin

    Somebody please please tell me why this dood has so many hits? I dont get it..Its not real, or funny

  11. SammyP321 SammyP321


  12. EricsFarm EricsFarm


  13. Alina Figura Alina Figura

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  14. Tamara52512435 Tamara52512435

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  15. BlonderAffe BlonderAffe

    u r the best

  16. TheRealProfesorKaos TheRealProfesorKaos

    yo guys, waterboat is a level.

    google, urban level, 3rd one down

  17. SethDis1337 SethDis1337

    your obviously far to stupid to ever actually touch waterboat

  18. Elisha Vaughan Elisha Vaughan

    dude your fucking retarted go play bingo granny fucker you cant play poker for shite

  19. 13stonez 13stonez

    U don’t know what u talking about. How could u survive in tournament.

  20. JonesCharlesbond JonesCharlesbond

    it seems to he, he just plays on luck? and @ gder01 u r very judgemental.

  21. darkness120p darkness120p

    i miss water boat…

  22. DGol03 DGol03

    “Floated her boat” Rofl. Pun Fail.

  23. averageexcerpt5 averageexcerpt5

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  24. ajay0422 ajay0422

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  25. johnsmith7490 johnsmith7490

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