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    ROFL love the way greenstein just chills 2:42

  2. RoyMunsoned RoyMunsoned

    eastgate is folding most hands there vs c/r . his mistake though was shoving flop, since phillips is shoving any K on turn anyway

  3. RoyMunsoned RoyMunsoned

    no no no your site is fucking OVER ahahahahaha

  4. THERollyboy123able THERollyboy123able

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  5. BenbanksTV BenbanksTV

    athene will pwn these nubz

  6. johnsmith7490 johnsmith7490

    Fuk ya webcam poker is here man pokerview is the best thing ever.

  7. WaspSnG WaspSnG

    It makes a lot of sense that 90% of the comments are about bonuses on FTP. It’s such a desperate attempt at making some money.

  8. johnny2546213 johnny2546213


  9. miacross7312548 miacross7312548


  10. laverneStivers386546 laverneStivers386546


  11. judyrudman judyrudman


  12. beverlybarrett56 beverlybarrett56


  13. 12ginami12 12ginami12


  14. walterwood19 walterwood19


  15. beverlybarrett56 beverlybarrett56

    Obviously now I have to try the Referral Code: FTUS600 for full tilt poker to get the 600 dollar bonus, since everyone is talking about it.

  16. johnsmith7490 johnsmith7490

    How is it humanly possible to get these many bad beats?? I know these sites were fake and scammyy ful of bots or something. Been playing on webcam poker on pokerview which is bot free!

  17. vict0r1ous vict0r1ous


  18. llIIIMademanIIIllll llIIIMademanIIIllll

    damn 35 dollars i wish i was such a highroller…well maybe thats enough to fix ur caps lock.

  19. llIIIMademanIIIllll llIIIMademanIIIllll

    dude u ended a freeroll in the top 1000….can i call u for some poker tipps? HAHAH LOSER!

  20. templedown templedown

    DP mighta won that year if ivan and eastgate weren’t at that final table. DP got outfoxed and hammered by those two towards the end of the tournament.

  21. TheBigezee77 TheBigezee77

    The guy with the beard RULEZ!

  22. TheEntertainer1995 TheEntertainer1995

    Even though it’s Eastgate’s hand I can’t help but notice Daniel. King of the read.

  23. DriftkingS2K DriftkingS2K

    true ….. who wouldnt Cbet on such a Flop

  24. 91Holdem 91Holdem

    philps tryed to run over and outplay that final table….only problem was he was the worst and least experienced player there

  25. ALarteEX ALarteEX


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