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  1. LoveMusic123211 LoveMusic123211


  2. LoveMusic123211 LoveMusic123211

    How stupid are you? Thats the only two hands they SHOWED. They played far more hands.

  3. GloriazRomanis856546 GloriazRomanis856546


  4. eklc2 eklc2

    I’m pretty sure he said “here”. Try to listen more carefully next time you make fun of the World Champ 2008!

  5. NegreanuDan81 NegreanuDan81

    Lmao.. Lets play 1 on 1 my FTP ID = crisgar3379 :]

    And yes
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  6. ongnoibanoi ongnoibanoi

    u speak good english … do have have 8 MILLIONS asshole …

  7. DanieINegreanu2121 DanieINegreanu2121

    Ahah… Allright I am going to hook ya up my full tilt poker ID = mislic8556 🙂

    And yep
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  8. nollawow nollawow

    ”So where´s the party?” – ”Yeah..”

  9. Peto991 Peto991

    now he can hire a good english teacher

  10. PeterDallDK PeterDallDK

    hehe du skulle måske lige lære at snakke engelsk inden du skriver her.

  11. matt14321 matt14321

    Indeed. No taxes here in the UK. So our lad coming 9th probably won more than a few on that table above him 🙂

  12. benjimichigan benjimichigan

    Eastgate is a legend!

  13. PogoJay PogoJay

    May have won the WSOP – but fuck me. no charisma.

  14. PogoJay PogoJay

    I may be wrong but in UK I’m pretty sure that you don’t get taxed. So all US players are getting taxed. That’s shit. Worsens all pot odds to a point not even worth calling. lol

  15. SaladForkBand SaladForkBand


  16. sner200 sner200


  17. jlbalr jlbalr

    he is such a donk lol

  18. Kricke73 Kricke73

    He didnt seem comfortable with speaking english ; )

  19. raulinhio raulinhio

    That’s a lot of money on the table!!!!

  20. mqg96 mqg96

    buy thousands of cool shirts, every single video game in the world. as many snacks as you want. coolest car parts ever!!!

  21. HDsharp HDsharp

    But theres no tax on gambling in the UK on punters.

  22. xxxAloopzzz xxxAloopzzz

    he lives in england, so he only have to pay the taxes of the english goverment..

  23. HDsharp HDsharp

    That fcuking sucks about the 54% tax…Its totally illegal, how can you tax gambling?? what happens when you lose will the goverment compensate for that!!! fcuking robbing bastards!!!

  24. MrCheckRaise1 MrCheckRaise1

    true, indeed demidov got pretty much the same sum of money of peter eastgate because taxes on winnings in russia are very small… but of course eastgate got also the bracelet and the wsop champion title.

  25. fredbe31 fredbe31

    suk he hade to pay more then 54% tax in is contry

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