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  1. thuongnv100 thuongnv100

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  2. thuongnv100 thuongnv100

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  3. thuongnv100 thuongnv100

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  4. thuongnv100 thuongnv100

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  5. thuongnv100 thuongnv100

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  6. thuongnv100 thuongnv100

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  7. thuongnv100 thuongnv100

    I like the background music. Subtle themes from the different games. I am playing real poker on these days and I can say that I am getting pretty much with them.

  8. hedentuhin hedentuhin

    I you decided that training is great for you try to visit which is what really sets a good player… You will learn on how to play and even get bonus for playing.

  9. DaintTheStarish DaintTheStarish

    “Im sure his english is fine, its the questions which are ridiculous !” yea and he is danish 🙂 that is how we speak english in denmark 🙂

  10. DenizVito DenizVito

    Play Poker and get paid for doing it!!!! Register on to start earning even more money!!! I earn about 50$ EXTRA monthly with no effort!!!

  11. Macunator Macunator

    + Scandinavian ;)

  12. Macunator Macunator

    Im sure his english is fine, its the questions which are ridiculous !

  13. szabolcsw szabolcsw

    it does

  14. CWUK22 CWUK22

    yeah these questions are so stupid and hard to answer. i know theres a boatload of logic and strategy in the game but then again its just a game.

  15. Sendarian1 Sendarian1

    this guy sounds like a donkey

  16. ba32107 ba32107

    Poor Eastage, doesn’t seem to speak much English, he has a rather bad pronunciation, and he has to answer these dumb questions. Clearly, he’s not feeling comfotable.


    The sound on this really sucks.

  18. tehbronzeh tehbronzeh

    Lol? I don’t know the spelling but ti phan, scotty nguyen, kito phan(pham?), chino rheem, chau chang, johnny chan, etc. All asian, all aggressive

  19. spherlo spherlo

    Haha, you are a fucking geek!

  20. OneSecImThinking OneSecImThinking

    lol asains are some of the tightest most solid players there is

  21. thranub thranub

    “maybe the asian guys” LOLWUT

  22. KuPoTyPboTo KuPoTyPboTo

    where can I get this music from?

  23. PartyGamingPlc PartyGamingPlc

    PartyPoker has dropped their bonus release requirements by 75%! Signup and get the normal $500 signup bonus that you get anyway, but if you use the old party bonus code “SIGNUP” you get monthly existing player bonuses, and most get nice cash surprises from time to time if you play at least once a month.

  24. biker52977 biker52977

    the interviewers voice is so low and hes an idiot to boot

  25. iceddante iceddante

    This interviewer asks the stupidest questions.

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