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  1. chrisdoukaki911 chrisdoukaki911

    daniel negreanu: i should shut up.
    yes you should sir haha!!

  2. daradevil123 daradevil123

    eastgate is looser he is buy in with 500 000 and he loses almost everything

  3. ThePodgeiscool ThePodgeiscool

    Daniel is a cunt here.

  4. Reefer2000 Reefer2000

    Eastgate is a retard lol.. how the fuck does he put the wrong colour worth 25k on the table. Fucking dumbass

  5. Reefer2000 Reefer2000

    The game of skill. 1 player with all the skill wins. 7/8 dont have skill

  6. coreycunninghamkarl coreycunninghamkarl

    I love Eli’s reaction at 00:59

  7. teknomogul teknomogul

    you’re not listening, you’re not learning, you’re just typing, he’s a “retired” amateur, how post-modern is that?

  8. ba32107 ba32107

    Ok, this will be my last answer for you. According to what I found about Eastgate, he played poker for a living before and after his main event win. That means he didn’t to anything else for money, so he was a professional poker player, not an amateur.

  9. teknomogul teknomogul

    amateurs enter and win the main event, and other tournaments, all the time. that’s what i’m talking about. if you have any doubt as to whether eastgate is an amateur or not, just watch the video again; kid.

  10. ba32107 ba32107

    I have no idea what the hell are you talking about.

  11. teknomogul teknomogul

    peter eastgate is an amateur who entered tournaments from 2005-2010, do you understand the difference?

  12. ba32107 ba32107

    I don’t know where you get your sources, but from where I’m googling, Peter Eastage played poker for a living (professionally) from 2005 to 2010. End of story.

  13. teknomogul teknomogul

    you don’t get it, he was not a working player BEFORE winning the main even, and he did not play for a living AFTER the main event. so he won the main event, lots of amateurs win the main even (Varkony, Moneymaker, Raymer) that doesn’t mean they are, or were, or will be pros; they’re amateurs-by definition. in peters case it shows big time, like in this video.

  14. ba32107 ba32107

    He played poker for a living, which means he was a professional, NOT an amateur.

  15. teknomogul teknomogul

    no, No, NO; he IS an amateur, by definition. he’s just an amateur with a main event bracelet, capice?

  16. yoda yoda

    108,000 more to you and you have middle pair? When you only wanted to put in $7000. Yeah he is a real big idiot for folding middle pair instead of calling 100,000 more dollars ROFL

  17. HoldOnTheRail HoldOnTheRail

    Lopini geriau patylek, nedaryk gedos, nes visiskai nusisneki. Tau lengva sneket kai matai kortas atverstas.

  18. darius595 darius595

    elezra did the same thing as daniel, he talked about the hand too, he said that he thought eastgate overbet as well. he said this while two others were still in the hand.

  19. darius595 darius595

    why did eastgate fold? what an idiot. elezra only raised because he thought eastgate overbet. eastgate should know that’s why elezra raised, not because elezra has an over pair. eastgate should have thought more about it instead of insta folding..

  20. champions20000009 champions20000009


  21. TheFinalCollision TheFinalCollision


  22. VicenzoV VicenzoV

    Gabe’s joke at the beginning is like a flushraw that misses again and again.

  23. xrhstozzz xrhstozzz

    btw..he is the 2008 world series of poker champion

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  25. Moshion Moshion

    daniel always talks too much..

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