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  1. junkrat1 junkrat1

    i like to masturbate while looking at the money on the table

  2. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    Besides that I’ve been a chess master for 20 years. That’s what I bring to poker.

  3. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    Besides that do you even know which hand I’m reffering to?

  4. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    Greenstein is God.

  5. DonCapone313 DonCapone313

    Don’t get pissed just because you dont understand the fundamentals of poker… I think you belong at a table with Berry Greenstein and Feldman

  6. DonCapone313 DonCapone313

    Demidov was first to act and pushed… where the FUCK did you see a check on the river

  7. DonCapone313 DonCapone313

    Have u ever played heads up poker before? Youll see alot of pros shove with top pair.. Plus he was on extreme short stack and pot committed..

  8. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    To shove up your ass, lol…

  9. DonCapone313 DonCapone313

    Why the FUCK would he have wanted an A

  10. sneak108 sneak108

    I picked eastgate with 27 to go to win it. was a sick prediction lol. He got tiffany michelle too

  11. MrCiguma MrCiguma

    A 4 or a 2. For full house.

  12. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    What did Demedov want on the river except an ace?

  13. butters226 butters226

    or you like to suck huge cock, maybe thats the secret after all

  14. N0N5T0P N0N5T0P

    Dude, 2 pairs i really good in heads up..

  15. THERollyboy123able THERollyboy123able

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  16. MrDonses MrDonses

    im shocked ivan went all in with just 2 pairs. not even top pair just bottom 2 pairs!!! :-S

  17. Ironfanatic Ironfanatic

    Its easy to play it right when you have a hand.

  18. 1skullduggery 1skullduggery

    i was in the wsop, but when i found out i dont get to see the other players’ hands like on tv, i had to leave. now i just go on you-tube and bash the players because i am an ignorent loser who cant even make a score in the play money games.

  19. WillyMcWilliness WillyMcWilliness

    At my local game I have seen this theory cracked!

  20. lacyholmess654654 lacyholmess654654


  21. dude2malin dude2malin

    Fake moneyy!!! 1000% Sure!!!!!!!!1

  22. ggnub100 ggnub100

    Everyone is a poker expert on Youtube.

  23. NegreanuDan84 NegreanuDan84

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  24. tjpark0420 tjpark0420

    Wow eastgate played this hand to perfection

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