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  1. solidflow86 solidflow86

    “i feel like i played GREAT and i’m the one who’s leaving” LOL

  2. hiephoi058 hiephoi058

    how come every time i see helmuth playing he puts on his jacket

  3. bladystefan87 bladystefan87

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  4. Aidar Ahmetbekov Aidar Ahmetbekov

    ohh booy!

  5. dellhelp dellhelp

    Uhhhhh in truth A of diamonds was in the muck so its a 2 outer. i guess TV doesnt include cards that were shown huh

  6. CoachEgg CoachEgg

    I do, its great.

  7. ErkkiEno ErkkiEno

    Hellmuth did get unlucky there on the turn, but I’m not quite sure if he can beat any of Viffer’s range when Viffer raises on the turn.

  8. FluidGenius FluidGenius

    9 ball, corner pocket. Epic.

  9. SKinnyPete93 SKinnyPete93

    this guy is a fucking millionare… he even said he didn’t care about the 50,000

  10. mrkiky mrkiky

    Well it’s obviously not that much to them.

  11. Almedin Manjic Almedin Manjic

    when i see viffer he make me think tinker in winnie the poo ^^

  12. mrradams4616 mrradams4616

    I commented on the same video on a different channel that’s my favorite part.

  13. Trevor Wood Trevor Wood

    Calling 80 million with K 9 off.
    Best line up, Tony G Phil Hellmuth Devilfish Mike Matusow and Sean Sheikhan.

  14. rolaz productions rolaz productions

    1:31 Ooooh boy! hahaha


  15. jpone7 jpone7

    it’s not like it’s the first time

  16. 24diana1979 24diana1979

    He’s a bitch you have to be ready to loose he’s a cry baby

  17. goldenhawk952 goldenhawk952

    see how its not funny when people laugh when you just lost 70k in one pot if i was him there wouldnt be a table left i would have beat there skulls in for laughing bunch a fags man who the hell laughs at someone who just lost a aussie blokes years wages barstads

  18. scarem84604 scarem84604

    9 ball corner pocket! LOL!!!

  19. nightdangermusic nightdangermusic

    whats with the guy and the baby?????

  20. jonnyhatter35 jonnyhatter35

    If the river had come an A, viffer would have taken it very well. Viffer’s a true gambler.

  21. GunzGot5 GunzGot5

    That shit was too funny!!

  22. Mistertbones Mistertbones

    Phil Hellmuth ragequits!

  23. FrIskYinHD FrIskYinHD

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  24. Martin Pattinson Martin Pattinson

    You can’t quit..haha

  25. Theobrothers Theobrothers

    Nice Purse…
    Hel makes it far to easy too laugh at him…

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