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  1. 1985pza 1985pza

    Hellmuth both time had best hand, also against durrr. Thas a difference

  2. rideon77 rideon77

    It wasn’t a real bluff , he was in flush draw

  3. JBades6310 JBades6310

    check out antonio at 4:00, he definitely gets a lot of pleasure out of watching hellmuth suffer

  4. JBades6310 JBades6310

    4:00 *antonio thinking* “fold your hand you egotistical donk, fold it!”

  5. Lorenzrnb Lorenzrnb

    hellmuth should of 6bet all in preflop or folded in that spot lol. he played it bad while adams played it good. adams probably put him on a pocket pair 8’s-jacks or AQ. i think if hellmuth had ak he probably would of made that 6bet shove instead of trying to trap a tricky player.

  6. csag5193 csag5193

    brandon’s face at 6:30 is unbelievably good 😀

  7. ASTEagle ASTEagle

    “i’d never bet more than 3000 on pocket 10s…”

  8. George Popescu George Popescu

    It’s worse to lay down 20k with 10s if you’re six handed, the more players there are the more tight you have to be. So if you don’t lay down 20k with 10s heads up then 6 handed you instafold if somebody ships preflop. So Hellmuth did something worse than what he was lecturing durrr about.

  9. MrAdamImpact MrAdamImpact

    that was in Heads Up! Complete different story!

  10. TugTheWonderDog TugTheWonderDog

    Hellmuth: simply the best NLH player on the planet.

  11. chrislambert1986 chrislambert1986

    o ya he did. He said he wouldn’t lay more then 3k on a pair of 10s

  12. jkoeni2 jkoeni2

    not exactly a bluff.  a flush beats a lot of hands

  13. rcmanization rcmanization


  14. bboy1ization bboy1ization

    why dont someone ever knock the hell out of him…i fkn hate phil

  15. RonBand01 RonBand01

    Viffer replace Ferguson and busted Helmuth on the first play A-K vs K-9. Viffer called Helmuth’s all in and ended with 2pr k-K and 9-9 vs Helmuth’s K-K and Helmuth would not rebuy. Adams and Viffer ended up the week as winners.

  16. bloodstriker224 bloodstriker224

    adams did because viffer sucked out on hellmuth with an AK vs K9

  17. josh74747474 josh74747474

    do you really think that is going to work idiot…

  18. 60Mrdude 60Mrdude

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  19. rcmanization rcmanization

    who ended up going the furthest here, adams or hellmuth?

  20. MrWilliama1993 MrWilliama1993

    and that was heads up! lol

  21. MrWilliama1993 MrWilliama1993


  22. bmkarr1 bmkarr1

    Todd brunson is one of the best cash game players around

  23. SensibiliZation SensibiliZation

    link plz!

  24. pokerjoker619 pokerjoker619

    How does Todd Brunson win? And how does he keep get invited to cash games?

  25. GrandmasterJoel1273 GrandmasterJoel1273

    He said that in a game with Tom Dwan

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