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  1. 77809alex 77809alex

    wow that takes balls to bluff 10k in a cash game

  2. xxxman31565 xxxman31565

    You are stupid anyways clown

  3. tkm7902 tkm7902

    I love to watch Him lose….it’s the gift that keeps on giving lol

  4. Jeesus819 Jeesus819

    Hellmuth is such a fucking sore losing crybaby.. I would hate to have a person like that at a table… Grow the fuck up douchebag.

  5. MrRealitycheque MrRealitycheque

    what a sore fucking loser.

    Just say good play like anyone with class.

  6. sjtom57 sjtom57

    Half the game is bluffing. When will whiny boy ever learn?

  7. assortedcorpses assortedcorpses

    I hate watching Hellmuth because he has full conversations with nobody and expects people to treat him preferentially.

  8. Blacknova189 Blacknova189

    Nice to see Phil admitting that he made a mistake instead of getting angry with his opponent. That’s the sort of behavior I’d expect from a world-class player of his caliber, rather than the way he acts in most YouTube videos, which I can only hope isn’t indicative of how he usually plays.

  9. hairyhulkvideos hairyhulkvideos

    he can’t even speak when he opens his mouth

  10. actual90 actual90

    Does any1 here know what Season and episode of Poker after dark it was when..
    Eli, Antonius, Negreanu, Doyle, Laak, Hachem and some1 else played. And each winning hand the dealer turned over one of the winning hand cards.. AnyONE?!! help

  11. Felipe Francisco Mendes Felipe Francisco Mendes

    oh boy..

  12. SylarTheBest SylarTheBest

    Oh, ok
    So he’s verbally bluffing, right? Or is there something I’m not picking up?

  13. tarbosh917 tarbosh917

    That was actually Phil saying ‘We both have straight draws’.

  14. TheMessiahization TheMessiahization

    That was a great river bet by Bartlett

  15. SylarTheBest SylarTheBest

    1:37 “They both have straight draws”


  16. Itsmadetobehatet Itsmadetobehatet

    Phil Hellmuth from Pokerstar to a youtube hit!

  17. elmulakke elmulakke

    Idiot 😀 but u r right. i laugh about that ugly fat whiner

  18. Finn barmer Finn barmer

    I really want to bluff Phil Hellmuth and show him that is all

  19. EPiCxPS3 EPiCxPS3

    Shut-up dude he’s funny as hell :D

  20. elmulakke elmulakke

    hellmuth the worst poker pro in game. and the worst.he thinks he is the best^^

  21. Thomas Anderson Thomas Anderson

    I just love it when The Brat gets pwned!!

  22. Tach41 Tach41

    TOO funny!!! Such a whiny bitch EVERY single time he doesn’t get his way or gets outplayed….

  23. Lucas Fedrigo Lucas Fedrigo

    3:33 it’s only me or this “good play” sounds like a “f**k you”? 🙂
    thanks for everything phil!

  24. CCHLsBestHockey CCHLsBestHockey

    “He had no money involved in the pot and he felt compelled to run it over”

    No duh Phil. I’m not claiming to be smarter or better at poker than you, but it’s not crazy to try to win a pot you didn’t initially have money in.

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