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  1. Rogerio34567 Rogerio34567

    I watched this upto the AK hand at 29.20. Hands down this is the most retarded video ive ever seen. Firstly, you dont stick to the video description (at all really). Secondly you suck incredibly bad. Min bets into pots all the time? wtf Even worse -calling 3x with Q6 then min DONK betting at 14.42. Also, limping with AA and getting yourself 4 way into a pot. What the hell? Dont get me started on the AK fold to the short stack on the button OMFG

  2. Mostopholes Mostopholes

    The slow roll at the end makes you look like a douche. And folding AK was horrible.

  3. jim89mchugh jim89mchugh

    is that why you limp with QJ utg?? Lol, and that had to be the worst fold I have ever seen w/ AK. Ever.

  4. IPushHard IPushHard

    Punish the limpers!

  5. coolbluezzzz coolbluezzzz

    This game was a kind of experiment … my plan was to play top four hands AA KK QQ JJ aggresively
    AK AQ TT 99 88 with caution
    and limp with any pair hoping to catch a set
    Fold everything else
    AK is one of the most overated hands in poker and theres nothing wrong with folding it if you feel its already beaten

  6. laffizzle laffizzle

    lol even if he had a pair with the pot size and ur stack tats a great spot to knock out a player with little risk

  7. coolbluezzzz coolbluezzzz

    I thought that he probably had a pocket pair & that would give me less than 50% chance of winning .. but looking back he probably had nothing and was on tilt after losing the previous pot

  8. jaspergeeris jaspergeeris

    why you fold A K at 29:13 ??

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