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  1. Izaak247 Izaak247

    If he didn’t laugh and give off that he obviously had it, that hand wudda been better

  2. starvinmarvin44 starvinmarvin44

    Beautifully said

  3. starvinmarvin44 starvinmarvin44

    My favorite part of this hand his when he gave away his hand strength at the end. We all know phil can’t fold 2 pair like that to a silent stoic person, with a off suit brick on the river

  4. pfftlollol pfftlollol

    pokerstars dealing

  5. Murackulust Murackulust

    Mizrachi.. what a bum

  6. At0mYc At0mYc

    sick sick sick

  7. firemangreg firemangreg

    No, Hellmuth is never calling there. If anything, Mizrachi is trying to make Phil think he is weak by acting so comfortable. Think about it, what does Phil beat? Only a bluff. There is no worse hand Mizrachi is raising all in for value. It’s a clear “the nuts or a bluff” spot and Hellmuth knows he’s beat far more than he’s ahead.

  8. gambleboyen gambleboyen

    Can’t they stop with the chip juggling. Annoying sound.

  9. bendustries bendustries

    phil takes the game way too seriously.

  10. zundyss zundyss

    what is this you put the clock?

  11. sexpistolsdaz sexpistolsdaz

    i understand were your coming from, I really believe he did not make the most of this, he should of got paid but didn’t, it’s a mistake on his part for sure.

  12. EgoSumIndigentia EgoSumIndigentia

    that mizrachi guy is such a fat, over-confident douche. i wish someone would jam a large nail through those disgusting greasy cheeks of his. maybe that’ll wipe the smug smirk off his fat fucking face. fucking lard ass.

  13. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    lolol phil makes an insanely good fold yet still swears. what a legend

  14. skaloon skaloon

    he was calling to make a play there and then he got there. it’s high stakes game – a lot of strange plays.

  15. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    Wow he rivered a straight … What a donk calling a raise with 57 off suit. Fucking hate players like him just spew spew spew

  16. rossdonal rossdonal

    @Ekscenc He needs to learn dwan’s stoic poker face!!that blank stare is so under-rated! good fold by hellmuth just a pain for him that he had to do it, shud’ve re-raised the turn!

  17. Kapser1 Kapser1

    It was funny to look at him searching for hands that made sens. 57o WUT? lol

  18. FolkeBernadotte FolkeBernadotte

    grinder was too comfortable..

  19. superdave31 superdave31

    thiss happened to me once and the othe person called – i never got to see what they had but i think they had a set of aces or kings, or 2 pair ace king but i still lol’d

  20. vlatkori vlatkori

    i mean really Hellmuth is an arrogant player but the double from that unlucky i mean i would be steaming about this hand also

  21. teknomogul teknomogul

    phil hellmouth could not beat a .50/1.00 game.

  22. Ekscenc Ekscenc

    damn, hellmuth would have called if mizrachi didnt look so comfortable, making jokes and stuff. I believe mizrachi should have just sit quietly without any speach and hellmuth is in ( then it would be gold!!!!), oooh so close…


    what u want from phill clowns this fat nasty misseryachi clown can suck poker brat dick

  24. agamator86 agamator86

    this is funny as hell 😀 :D 😀

  25. TekuelaII TekuelaII

    tell you what… mike would call that

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