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  1. AbuseDaForce AbuseDaForce

    The patronizing ending is about the nicest thing I’ve ever heard Helmuth say about anyone.

  2. achilies12346 achilies12346

    Hellmuth: i came in with the intent to win.


  3. danielsnyder1 danielsnyder1

    Until he made a point of mentioning how Ivey “doesn’t have a bracelet yet”, in other words “I’m Phil Hellmuth I’m the greatest, and I just lost a hand and walked out like a sore loser baby, so screw you all I’m the king!”.

  4. edwinaisobese edwinaisobese

    does anyone else think it would have gone the same way if each player had their opponents cards? or do you think ivey could have got away from it?

  5. PhoenixFlame55 PhoenixFlame55

    Lol was Kaplan drunk on commentary this time? He’s always funny, but not like this lmao.

  6. MatroidX MatroidX

    Yeah, I was watching this too late at night, and for some reason thought the straight would be completed with 2s not 3s. Maybe I read the J as 3, although that still would make no sense, as straight would already be complete. Anyways, it’s just a nonsense post – feel free to ignore 🙂
    And I just figured out how to remove it – great way to erase evidence of one’s own stupidity 🙂

  7. XMENstokes XMENstokes

    can you re-explain your question? im finding it very hard to understand what your trying to ask….let alone where you even came up with 4 dueces…lol. id be happy to explain why 6 outs was the proper amount of outs he could of had, but first i need to understand what your even talking about (even tho what your talking about is regardlessly wrong)

  8. no1forfun1 no1forfun1

    Phil Helmuth: he has been very lucky against me.
    Reality: He has outplayed you every time you have met.

  9. MatroidX MatroidX

    Yes, I really must sleep earlier… not sure what I was seeing there.

  10. ncripzx ncripzx

    you MUST be kidding right?

  11. paulsss69 paulsss69


  12. KillEveryoneKillPhil KillEveryoneKillPhil

    yeah but u cant cry when you lose to Phil ivey he knows if he did that he would lose w.e fans he has left

  13. MrYoumitube MrYoumitube

    Helmuth: with every positive comment he makes on a player, he just has to add a negative at the end. LoL.

  14. plonergan1978 plonergan1978

    a semi bluff is when you make a raise with nothing but have outs.
    therefore an open ended straight draw and flush draw is considered a semi bluff

  15. IamGenoBlack IamGenoBlack

    Sorry Gabe is the best.

  16. danielsonn77 danielsonn77

    wanna deal it 3 times? uh no! pmsl

  17. guidmeister guidmeister

    Wanna buy an ice cream? Mayyy-beeeeee!

  18. ghosttrain22 ghosttrain22

    shes hot

  19. TheKostarone TheKostarone

    Damn that commentator was hilarious…

  20. Nuupable Nuupable

    but thats only because he is playing phil ivey ;]

  21. Bluebird22200 Bluebird22200

    A semi-bluff… He went all in. how the fuck is that a “semi” bluff?

  22. lawnsausages lawnsausages

    Nothing I like more than seeing Hellmuth steam off $90K. The guy should use a pacifier.

  23. 91truffles 91truffles

    it’s called a semi-bluff. you could win two ways… either your opponent folds, or you hit on of your outs

  24. Bluebird22200 Bluebird22200

    Hes been lucky against you? No dude, you’re just a terrible player. Going all in with a straight draw and flush draw, but no actual hand? Get out dude…

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