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  1. Poo-P Wong Poo-P Wong

    33:30 perfect read by Kenny.

  2. Poo-P Wong Poo-P Wong

    Kenny Tranny has dissapeared?

  3. CheeekyRascals CheeekyRascals

    haha kenny tran : Phil has his favourite hand, Q10

  4. palyarshipattacking palyarshipattacking


  5. PyROelementz PyROelementz

    28:50 uh oooh…. :)) after not saying a word for like 5 minutes the commentators reaction at that monster flop

  6. Roy Colaco Roy Colaco

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  7. Ebong Adil Ebong Adil

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  8. KingBuckley KingBuckley

    That was a sick read by Kenny.

  9. lakerzx24 lakerzx24

    dumb hoe lol

  10. michael14561 michael14561

    “Tom dwan widely regarded as one of the prolific high stakes Internet players” crushed by isildur1

  11. Joseph Pope Joseph Pope

    lol at antonio at 10:52. cuts off hellmuth like hes not even there lol

  12. Dan B Dan B

    22:51 is the meaning of ‘rofl’

  13. cerpintaxt815 cerpintaxt815

    that hand where dwan and antonio both had trips but safai had a full house was AMAZING. i wish dwan had called

  14. roro30001 roro30001

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  15. Adnan Mehanija Adnan Mehanija

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  16. Joakim Eskola Joakim Eskola

    i used to be all in

  17. Legitdupe Legitdupe

    sickest read by kenny tran

  18. aurlux aurlux

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  19. Devilfish6666 Devilfish6666

    becuz he won like over 6 million online?

  20. g00dguyforyou g00dguyforyou

    where did tom get the balls to bluff like that at the end, damn thats respect

  21. MegaTriumph1 MegaTriumph1

    Kenny Tran wow good read.

  22. ilovemma101 ilovemma101

    Kenny Tran is the Shit.. Great read!

  23. charlie Manson charlie Manson

    33.40…Oh my god Kenny Tran you super star.

  24. tobbert89 tobbert89

    rarely have seen a more boring person than Tran…

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