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  1. michaelphelps311 michaelphelps311

    i wonder if he talks to his wife that

  2. logwind logwind

    Good player, lousy person.

  3. dipstick3031 dipstick3031

    Sounded like he almost had to cry??


    For the most part yes, that and patience. Patience is the most important skill to have in poker.

  5. chesstechie chesstechie

    Luck won him 12 bracelets?

  6. chesstechie chesstechie

    Still has 12 bracelets.

  7. mythoughttoday mythoughttoday

    His diaper is full, give him a break

  8. naruto345212 naruto345212

    “i just sat down bud”

  9. MrMerlin87 MrMerlin87

    idiot from northern europe. lmaooo best insult ever

  10. bailinnumberguy bailinnumberguy

    So anytime Hellmuth raises, if you don’t have a premium hand, you’re supposed to fold? What a dipshit.


    I love that poker players don’t realize it’s a game of luck, not skill. Phil Hellmuth is an example of someone who disguises his luck as talent, then cries about it when he loses.

  12. Trias88 Trias88

    Newton – that idiot from northwestern Europe

  13. pacpanda1 pacpanda1

    as if he dosent call raises with minimum much does the tv companys pay him 4 each bitchscream…

  14. Dave Patel Dave Patel

    And yet he’s like 4th on the all time money list. Seidel, Ivey, or Negreanu are equally as good or better, and they’re much better cash game and non-NLHE players as well.

  15. Dave Patel Dave Patel

    The funny thing is that Levy ran deeper than Hellmuth in 2008 and 2010 (he was like 12th in 2010?)

  16. jpracingph jpracingph

    Hey, dumbass, my remark was sarcastic in that it means even if the guy calls him with pocket aces, he would still whine like a little bitch, like you.
    Understand now, Dumbass?!?!?! Now, you shut the fuck up….DUMBASS!!

  17. deuce1309 deuce1309

    Hey you little piece of shit listen here fucker. Why the fuck would he say that about someone with pocket aces? regardless of their hands, you’re a fucking idiot, lololololol. I knowmore about poker than you’ll ever know so dont discuss poker with me okay fag. Now, you shut the fuck up bitch.

  18. jpracingph jpracingph

    Hey, dumbass, if you know anything about Hellmuth, you’ll know that he always addresses his wife with a statement like that when he loses regardless of what the other player has. Now, you shut the fuck up, dumbass.

  19. deuce1309 deuce1309

    when did he ever say that, shut up faggot.

  20. Drooo82 Drooo82

    He won 11 bracelets of No Limit Holdem and with that record He is the best in Holdem (by record) in the world..

  21. TheBrain117 TheBrain117

    @fanthomans2 Daniel is too respected as a poker player to be called an idiot.

  22. jpracingph jpracingph


  23. whitebus2012 whitebus2012

    He called with a straight draw. He turned that straight. You failed to see it. Yell at yourself internally and move on.

  24. whitebus2012 whitebus2012

    The winner of any WSOP event gets a bracelet, I think. So there are lower buy-ins, other spreads, other game types like Omaha, etc.

  25. mdfloverboy mdfloverboy

    lol u gotta love that guy he never hides nothing i agree when idiots call u u gotta cuss their dumb ass even when they win they lose their dignity to u

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