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Poker Player Matt Glantz

Matt Glantz is a famous professional poker player in Lafayette Hill. He got many cash prizes in live tournaments and World Series of poker. In 2005, world series of poker Math completed runner-up to Andre Boyer that was also his uppermost finish in a world series of poker tournament and he earned many prize cashes up to 3,000 dollars. He also earned cash for more than 364,620 dollars in the no limit hold’em poker main event.

In 2008, Math won the biggest cash in the world series of poker event. He got the fourth place in the H.O.R.S.E. world contest and he earned more cashes up to 568,320 dollars. On October 2009, Matt won the cash amount for 866,537 dollars in the EPT high roller contest in London. In 2000, he got first cash amount for more than 1.8 million dollars in the world series of poker. In 2004, he has placed the 7th place in the United Stated poker contest main event and he got many cash prizes. At first, Matt cashed in 2 events at the Borgate Winter open for more than 70,000 dollars. The WSOP was extremely profitable for Matt Glantz despite having only 2 events. In these 2 event, Math has placed the 3rd placed in the world championship and he earned up to 10,000 dollars.

If you have doubts regarding the professional poker player Math Glantz, you can refer through the internet and clarify your doubts clearly. Matt Glantz is a prominent poker player who has achieved lots of rewards and cash prize in his life history. The real secrets behind his victory are hard work and concentrations which he have showed while playing the game. Many people eagerly wants to know the game trick of the matt to win the game.