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  1. dustball3010 dustball3010

    shut up noob

  2. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    my voice is also annoying, whos voice isnt when they talk constantly for a number of minutes?? lol

  3. blackjacksecretcode blackjacksecretcode

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  4. PokerChampCoaching PokerChampCoaching

    This is definitely good advice.

  5. galleon5 galleon5

    Check out this list of best poker websites:

  6. Izaak247 Izaak247

    His voice is annoying it’s got to be said good tips though

  7. goombatroop goombatroop

    @9x19mmProductions whose the professional player?
    you or him

  8. AngusThePom AngusThePom

    Good strong tips.

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