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  1. thelongfella555 thelongfella555

    u gotta like the way phill helmuth just compared himself to tiger
    woods.firstly tiger may sware at things when he plays bad but not other
    players,,,secondly phill ivey is the tiger woods of poker not helmuth

  2. milan raut milan raut


  3. TruthUnderFire TruthUnderFire

    Phil is the Dave Mustaine of Poker. I love it. Guy is amazing. Not flashy,
    but cool as hell. ; )

  4. Alexandre B Alexandre B

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  5. Randude14 Randude14

    i think its funny and ironic that daniel is on a show that is sponsered by
    full tilt poker…

  6. porchopp16 porchopp16

    lol were not the wwe

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