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  7. philmat789 philmat789

    apparntly its a gud action game

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  9. nasosiason nasosiason

    Why george doesnt have the option to fold

  10. germaphobewombat germaphobewombat

    they made steve look dumb he splashed the pot and calls the river with ace high.

  11. germaphobewombat germaphobewombat

    they made steve look dumb he splashed the pot and calls the river with ace high.

  12. robertdiane80 robertdiane80


  13. johnsmith7490 johnsmith7490

    Man these rigged sites should be banned!!

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  19. johnsmith7490 johnsmith7490

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  20. Damianbambambosiacki Damianbambambosiacki

    Yea im trying to figure this out also

  21. rtjtjtrjr rtjtjtrjr

    George, the guy in blue who is at the left from the dealer button has to start (ok I know) but why he has always 2 option like check and bet and NO fold? I understand why he can check because he starts and there is no chips in the pot. He can raise. But what’s the minimum raise? Still the double of the Big Blind even if the game is already on the river? And why he never get the option to fold? I thought you could always fold? Can someone reply on this please?

  22. xjxm xjxm

    @paulh428 But then everyone could just keep safely raising by one chip – raising without any significant cost, making the difference pointless – making for a very slow growing pot.

  23. xjxm xjxm

    @paulh428 I was confused by that, too. I think by betting eight chips she was raising his bet by doubling it – four base plus four raised.

  24. BambiChildress50 BambiChildress50


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