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  1. Psycolynch Psycolynch

    LOL Everyone cheering against phil. Epic Phil Fail Face at´╗┐ end ­čÖé

  2. jm01031976 jm01031976

    “Everybody’s´╗┐ rootin’ for a spade” LOL

  3. dwhy07 dwhy07

    Wiggins has no idea what rolling it means´╗┐ it’s obvious.

  4. bemolable bemolable

    lol… so sick´╗┐

  5. sexxiepaki sexxiepaki

    Phil – “Tony would you please´╗┐ show some class.”
    Everyone laughs
    Tony – Points at pot – “but the hand !”

  6. 1skullduggery 1skullduggery

    apparently there is some´╗┐ stray giant planet heading into our solar system; and it may or may not f@*k with the earth and it’s functions.

  7. RespectThePipe RespectThePipe

    Can someone explain´╗┐ to me what happened?

  8. AllinPhish AllinPhish

    The´╗┐ poker gods have spoken Phil

  9. kshah108 kshah108

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  10. brighterwest brighterwest

    the bikes´╗┐ gone??? noooo

  11. snlspot snlspot

    Lol @ subtle racism´╗┐ by negreanu

  12. huskyjerk huskyjerk

    Why allow a guy to run it when you have the best of it? Run it once and take the pot. Instead, he says, let’s run it´╗┐ 4 times, and it costs him.

  13. sutro19 sutro19

    ”why is everyone so happy,´╗┐ except for Phil?”

    Haha, Negreanu is so damn funny.

  14. PosionNec PosionNec

    Did Phil make a colored joke around´╗┐ 2:40?

  15. le013r le013r

    this is so funny aueaheuaehaeu the guy is right´╗┐ phill deserved it

  16. icedragon109 icedragon109

    It doesn’t matter? He still shoved it in´╗┐ the end

  17. alex081291 alex081291

    The funny thing is, on the next season, phill´╗┐ gets mad at tony g for being dishonest.

  18. alex081291 alex081291

    1:30….daniel negranu trying to talk like´╗┐ a black man lol

  19. james vela james vela

    the poker gods hate hellmuth because hes a bitch and whines about anything´╗┐ to everyone at the table
    thats why this happened

  20. metalshred11 metalshred11

    atleast hellmuth was nice enough to run it 3 times he won the first one so if it was such a brutal slowroll he would of´╗┐ just ran it once to be honest someone like phil ivey would play that the same and just want it ran once

  21. Dave Patel Dave Patel

    Negreanu said before that Hellmuth actually took much´╗┐ longer than what you see on TV (they cut it).

  22. Deadganon Deadganon

    lol wiggins put over 100k in the pot, he has like 40k or so left… hes not gonna fold. Hes POT COMMITED himself so even if phil went all in quickly, wiggins had to call. Phil ACTED when there was no need to act. Its nice that youtubers like yourself know how to insult ppl over a comment, i´╗┐ asked u a question then u comment and ADD a insult to it…. U didnt need to add that last sentence. Are u trying to act like a big shot and be a tough guy over the internet… big boy…

  23. icedragon109 icedragon109

    Yeah I know what a slowroll is, except all phil did was push the fish all in. He didn’t sit there and take forever to call he basically acted to get the guy to call his all in. maybe you should actually watch the hand next time before you´╗┐ make yourself sound like a dumbass

  24. Deadganon Deadganon

    How was that not a slowroll? Phil hellmuth was NEVER folding, and if u are NEVER folding then why take 3 minutes to call.. its like floping the nuts and having your opponent go all and just stand there saying…. man what do u have…. i dont know if i´╗┐ can call and basically just get tv time…. Sure there was 2 hands that could beat phil but phil even said he was never folding… then why are u taking 3 minutes to call and on top of that hes acting like he has a super weak hand.

  25. Honkey Magoo Honkey Magoo

    lol´╗┐ @ phil telling others to show class

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