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Richard Toth – Extrapolating interest in sports

Richard Toth has been one of the most aspiring poker players of recent times. His native place is Hungary and lives in the capital city of Budapest. He has studied political science at the University and has also worked for an IT company. As he was interested in sports right from the beginning and has participated in basketball and many other outdoor activities, his interest and attitude were perfect for a poker player. He used all the analyzing skills and began his journey towards the professional world with a bang. His spirit for competition and the streak of accepting challenges saw him playing in the professional circuits soon.

Richard loved to play to win and always wants to be at the top of the winning charts. He has played and won the top tournaments which has given his large cash prizes and has made him a part of the biggest circuits of poker. He came very close to winning his first bracelet in the year 2006 when he participated in one of the WSOP games, where he finished second. He has been winning a lot of games and lots of cash prizes along the way too. his rankings and titles have made him reach a level where there is no turning back.

Richard plays poker not just for money; it is his biggest passion in life and along the way if he is winning lots of money, it is just what he deserves. His success story has seen new heights and has made him earn respect along with the money. His achievements are young as yet and he still has a long way to go to earn money and participate in the biggest events as yet. His performance over the years shows that he is going to go a long way and will reach his goal.