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  1. larrymcg421 larrymcg421

    The fold with 2 is perfectly fine. There’s a player left to act who could have anything (and could be really strong since he flat called two people on the flop). He was wrong here, but more often than not Eastgate is beat in this situation.

  2. k0ngruenciaa k0ngruenciaa


  3. daradevil123 daradevil123

    omg eastgate is such a nit he can not play cash game anymore

  4. VicenzoV VicenzoV

    If I were in Eastgate’s spot, and we were playing for peanuts, I would have bet all my peanuts on the flop.

  5. Nashtak Nashtak

    There is a hand analysis by both Greenstein and Dwan for this hand. Anyone knows a link?

  6. MrCiguma MrCiguma

    Yeah, true.

  7. klcooo klcooo

    He believed that Dwan has a T/T … beacouse only idiot call 2x when someone raise from UTG on full ring

  8. MrCiguma MrCiguma

    He believed that Dwan has a 2, like him. And Eastgate has a bad kicker.

  9. neverfooktaham neverfooktaham

    it certaintly wasnt u!- negreanu, certified poker genius

  10. PeterRoeder31 PeterRoeder31

    Why did Eastgate fold? 

  11. daradevil123 daradevil123

    how can he fold 2??

  12. VicenzoV VicenzoV

    Okay, I thought this was the 500k buy-in game…

  13. srki80 srki80

    Because of the stack vs pot size. I believe Barry started hand with around 200k. The bet Dawn made was 104k (which made the pot over 200k), if Barry called he would have only around 50k left behind, so call wouldn’t make sense. He was folding or playing for the whole stack. That’s what Gabe was trying to say.

  14. Vengion Vengion

    The best part is that Tom Dwan said that Peter Eastgate had the best hand directly after the pot, he really knew what everyone had and played it perfectly all the way thrue

  15. VicenzoV VicenzoV

    Can someone explain why Gabe says Barry isn’t gonna call on the turn, but going all-in? If Barry thinks Dwan is bluffing, his AA is in great shape with very small chances of getting outdrawn, so if he just calls on the turn, what is Dwan gonna do…calling makes much more sense than all-in right?

  16. sidsa9 sidsa9

    @MrThe1messiah If he was actually $500k deep behind as Gabe said he only two options fold or call, a raise all in is terrible because he is only getting called by better…

  17. RaVeboy1900 RaVeboy1900

    i wish i had the pokerface of ziigmund


    This was 3 years ago but Dwan looks 15 years younger

  19. eighthegreat eighthegreat

    Only Eastgate would fold trips here (don’t know how or why, but still incredibly fearless play of Dwan nonetheless

  20. pokermartini pokermartini

    the boy’s a genius.

  21. normalpsychology normalpsychology

    There are no dislikes because Greenstein did not see this video.

  22. felghen felghen

    Yeah Eastgate sux.

  23. MercerStreetRapist MercerStreetRapist

    these comments are lol

  24. leekelso leekelso

    Eastgate is really a bad player…

  25. eroock eroock

    On pokerroad(dot)com all three players explain themselves. Here’s what Tom has to says: “as far as my thought process… i just throw chips in the pot and hope to win, or something like that.”
    Interesting thread notwithstanding. Google it up

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