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David Baazov And Amaya

David Baazov might have placed a bid for the deal with Amaya Inc but there is no explicit news in this regard.

Amaya Inc has confirmed that media reports of David Baazov having placed a proposal are true which was made public by November 14th. Amaya would be providing updates as per the securities laws that are applicable. The founder seems to be in trouble as his bid is not being supported by KBC Aldini Capital Ltd. The Chief Executive confirmed that the firm was not involved in the deal and that they would be filing a complaint in this regard with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Baazov has made a claim in the lines of CA$24 for every share. That was after the third quarter earnings of Amaya were issued. The SEC then published his filing. KBC on the other hand has denied having any involvement. They also allege that Baazov has issued a false statement. Continue reading David Baazov And Amaya

eBay Selling McEvoy’s WSOP Main Event Bracelet

Tom McEvoy is looking to sell off the 1983 World Series of Poker main event diamond bracelet.

He has listed that bracelet and a few other things on sale at eBay, a popular online shopping website. He is looking to part with the bracelet if he gets a nice price for it.

The things that are listed by Tom McEvoy as a package for $13,500 include the bracelet that features 12 diamonds, two PokerStars Team pro patches, WSOP collectible baseball on a brass stand, and 3 books of McEvoy with his autograph and even a dedication upon request and PokerStars 2006 WSOP team baseball in clear box. With so many collectibles and memorabilia, there is no doubt that this would be a very good buy for any Poker enthusiasts and McEvoy fan. Continue reading eBay Selling McEvoy’s WSOP Main Event Bracelet

Bitcoin Poker A New Format

Like many even you would have been thinking what is Bitcoin poker?

Well, this is the new concept of poker that has been introduced to give a twist to the poker game. Some sites have already started using this format while some are in the process to introduce it. The situation is same with poker players too; some players have got familiar with new Bitcoin poker while some are still trying to understand it.

In Bitcoin poker crypto currency is used to make a deposit of funds, request withdrawal of funds and to place bets. It has been already embraced by large operator and slowly becoming popular with small operators too.

The format of Bitcoin poker is same as normal poker. The only difference here instead of Dollars player has to use Bitcoin. It is not tough for players to understand new concepts. But yes, as far as withdrawal of an amount is concerned then there is some confusion among players. Continue reading Bitcoin Poker A New Format

About WPT Borgata Poker Open

Jesse Sylvia became runner up in the 2012 WSOP ME event.

This time he broke the limits and won the WPT Borgata Poker Open. It was definitely a lucky event for Jesse, who did not miss out on the chances presented to him. He finished second to Greg Merson when he participated in the 2012 World Series of Poker. It was the main event where he ended up finishing second. This time he has been successful in winning the title of World Poker Tour that was held in Atlantic City

Sylvia has been moving up the ladders of success slowly. For instance, he finished in the third place for several events he participated in from the year 2012. He has managed to win a major title this year. The first place prize has been $821,811. This achievement had come to him as a result of defeating pro Farid Jattin, the Columbian. Even though Farid held onto his chips in the final six beginnings, he had to exit soon. Continue reading About WPT Borgata Poker Open

Amaya and Adelson, both employ lobbying firms in the battle for internet gaming in the United States

Politics is constantly in motility when it comes to whether internet gaming, including poker, must be legal on a federal and state basis.

Of a little storm, both sides of the fight are employing in political lobbying companies to serve steer alteration.

As per a leading website, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, an anti-online gaming firm rolled up by Las Vegas Sands CEO and President as well as online gaming adversary Seldon Adelson has engaged political buttonholing firm Keelen Group to serve with their legislative fights.

Very recently, Sheldon has offered signs that his group plans to concentrate more on methods to close unstructured online gaming handlers servicing United States instead of what has been the primary mission of the group in pushing Restoring America’s Wire Act via Congress that would ban all internet gaming including in the 3 states which presently led regulated operators.

Continue reading Amaya and Adelson, both employ lobbying firms in the battle for internet gaming in the United States

Liberty Poker Night to present gun

UO Young American for Liberty is all set to play host to a poker night on campus with raffle off prizes of a rifle and two handguns. As per the event’s official Facebook page, YAL thinks the university’s ban on gun “puts students in danger.” And free poker night looks to “spur a campus wide discussion on gun rights and the right to protect yourself on campus.”
The page told that this year, Oak Grove Gun Shop in Eugene donated a .40S&W Sig Sauer handgun. Mazama Gun Shop presented a Weatherby Vangaurd 243 Rifle with a Simmons Scope 3.5-10/40. It further added that a Bersa Thunder handgun has also landed a prize thanks to a donation from Oregon Firearms Federation and Mazama Sporting Goods.
The Facebook page also features an image of Sig Sauer and clarifies that as guns are not permitted on the campus, the transaction would take place off campus at a federally licensed firearms dealer in accordance with all state and federal rules. They would never be brought to campus.

Continue reading Liberty Poker Night to present gun

Andrew Black is among the top-notch Irish poker players

The poker heroes’ book may have a dearth of Irish based players; however, the exceptional performance illustrated by Andrew Black is intriguing. Black has played at the WSOP, municipal events and regional tournaments where he has left an indelible mark.

His resume also intimates he has successfully earned substantial amounts of money for his participation. Undoubtedly, he boasts a formidable poker career that would be an ideal footprint for a player seeking to jump on the gambling bandwagon to plough in earnings. He has also finished in the money on the EPT and the WPT. A close look at his resume unveils a string of winning

In 2006, Black final tabled the Tournament of Champions but placed fifth to net $100,000. Black shone spectacularly in the 2007 pot-limit Omaha tournament placing 2nd and 3rd in the NLHE Aussie Millions, Melbourne for $750,000. Continue reading Andrew Black is among the top-notch Irish poker players

Kirill Gerasimov is among the Russian Top-Notch Poker Players

Russia arguably suffers a dearth when it comes to producing poker players with a global winning disposition. Up to now, only a few players who have managed to clinch major titles like the WSP, EPT or the WPT.

Suffice to say, those who have confounded the world by performing incredibly well at the global level have not only made a personal feat but deserve a visibility fete. While unearthing the short list of such illustrious Russian poker pros, one cannot skip the profile of Kirill Gerasimov.

Playing with versatility has seen him notch significant titles for his prize portfolio. He came to the global poker fore in 2002 when he played at the WPT Season I $25,000 tour placing second to pocket a generous sum of $506,625. Continue reading Kirill Gerasimov is among the Russian Top-Notch Poker Players