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  1. @AnimeFreak @AnimeFreak

    Dude it sounds like u r jerking off or something , wtf 

  2. Caesar 1 Caesar 1

    What does limp in the pot mean ? Im a newbie

  3. mrnebu mrnebu

    fucking fraud, where is the girl from the thumbnail? 

  4. Jack Sainthill Jack Sainthill

    Are you on a treadmill?


    What the fuck happens at 9:30ish? I’ll tell you what happens, credibility
    is gone. A good player knows all of this stuff instinctively based on

  6. ChromaticTempest ChromaticTempest

    Dude, editing with your “powerpoint” presentation is pretty easy… And
    yeah, your tight play is pretty tight! As an aside, you see the big dogs
    play suited connectors in MP all the time or even just trash.

  7. Terry Miller Terry Miller

    I’m assuming this was a scripted talk. Your sigh of frustration with what
    you were reading or saying at 9:44 (starting at 9:30) was priceless.

  8. Hung Doan Hung Doan

    lol breathing error. good video thanks!

  9. Liam ArnoldPK Liam ArnoldPK

    Wtf is the breathing? I had to stop half way coz I was too irritating.. Did
    you come in from a jog or is it a serious thing? If it’s serious i
    apologise but turn away from the mic to breathe dude it’s painful.. 

  10. Amybeth Hurst Amybeth Hurst

    I am a beginner who plays for fun not real money. This was very fun. You
    most certainly don’t need meditation, that was a nutty comment. You sound
    great and do a fantastic job.

  11. josh kim josh kim

    So we were playing Texas Holden and this happened.
    J 10 5 4 3 spades as community card.
    I had k 8 diamond
    My friend had 9 diamond 8 spades.
    Who win??

  12. mc166589 mc166589

    Did he have a stroke at 10 min in?

  13. Edmond Isayan Edmond Isayan

    can you please explain the hand ranges I don’t understand them ty for the
    Videos big fan 

  14. john smith john smith

    Good, solid info=esp the commentary of overvalued hands-guy sounds like
    he’s having a panic attack or bad asthma or something.

  15. john tyson john tyson

    I appreciate the video even if you are out of breath the entire time

  16. Danny Johnson Danny Johnson

    Good Video. Liked the starting hand suggestions and the betting amounts.
    Also liked the advice for single opponent and multi-opponent play. Thanks

  17. Gina Belanger Gina Belanger

    Love these videos…excuse my ignorance,but I confused of limp positions
    when placing a bet and the calculations. When I count $1 per limp
    position,is that per players that has folded? Or the amount of players
    still betting after I do? Thanks again.

  18. drbg43 drbg43

    Your videos are good but you should meditate before hand and ease through
    it :p …. thanks a lot though keep them coming

  19. Odin Lyngseth Odin Lyngseth

    what does it mean to be playing tight?

  20. Mo Co Mo Co

    love the swing of the game

  21. Adam Ayala Adam Ayala

    good video thank you, broaden my perception 

  22. fliptthescript fliptthescript

    ring games theres tons of bad beats. Players play better starting handsso
    there is a lot of big hands post flop. You can play well and lose at poker
    just due to the variance and the player edge a lot closer then it used to
    be. Plus a lot of collusion in ring games i say stay away from 6 max. 9 max
    is fine the cheaters dont sit those tables

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  24. James James

    What’s the catch with these thousand dollar bonuses?

  25. Kyle Stansell Kyle Stansell

    Kid you suck. 

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