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  1. MuhammadCanBlowMe MuhammadCanBlowMe

    STFU Norman Chad! Or at least get someone to write your jokes for you!

  2. izpauli izpauli

    lol Phil is no idiot, sheik is an idiot, tony g is an idiot but Phil is just eintertaining, poker is his life and he’s putting so much emotion into the game really, phil’s such a funny guy to watch…but the best is to see him on the table with tony g or matusow …entertainment as it’s best

  3. kvnyaoi kvnyaoi

    the big game hand seemed like a conscious act of charity by phil. he’s a softy at heart.

  4. fullbag50 fullbag50


  5. pbass2676 pbass2676

    i love the dragomir blow up though. 

  6. truepridejb truepridejb

    someone likes to suck some helmuth penis

  7. UnexpectedRecords12 UnexpectedRecords12

    The hand from the BIG GAME when he got quartered…….surprise that didn make it. it was considered poker hand of all time

  8. Acusumano25 Acusumano25

    on a secondary note 6:30, “screaming will do you a lot of good” as opposed to muttering under your breath like a pussy

  9. Acusumano25 Acusumano25

    the hand against fishman is the best illumination of hellmuth’s character. i especially like the hypocrisy when he went up the cards with ace 5, a hand he shit talked in half the scenes before this, and then he acts like it’s the dealer’s fault or some shit. DUDE GET OVER IT. obviously luck isnt on your side, so maybe you should learn to control your temper and stop looking like a fool.

  10. muzzaboi101 muzzaboi101

    melt down in 3…2…1…
    right on cue the idiot goes nuts haha

  11. DocLuva32 DocLuva32


  12. FishbowlSoulSwimming FishbowlSoulSwimming

    Phil Helmuth = Great TV

  13. Ria Gonzales Ria Gonzales

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  14. back2root back2root

    It’s not that hard to be called an idiot by Phil Hellmuth… He would also insult Daniel Negreanu as a noob player if he sucked out against him, haha 😀

  15. josh0alpert josh0alpert

    He is always complaining, and when he doesnt know what the other players are doing he looses his shit (im sure a pro would do this)

    U sure he is not on the poker hall of fame for the category: cryiing whining little bitch??

  16. Carl wells Carl wells

    I love Phil so much!! his best poker player to ever breath!!
    And i was lucky to sit next to him and play with him for over an hour.. just watching him rape players is just amazing!! Phil tom dawn is a fuken loser.. an internet lil kid who is a bag of shit!! phil is a real poker player!! FUK YOU TOM DAWN EVERYONE HATES YOU.. how tom dawn has a bank roll i do not know.. he is the worlds shitest player.. love you phil

  17. Oreillyisthebest Oreillyisthebest

    I would buy the “phil helmuth tilt app” in a heartbeat

  18. Oreillyisthebest Oreillyisthebest

    nothing makes me happier on a daily basis than to see phil lose

  19. mwhite4324 mwhite4324

    phil would be the best tutor i reckon. 

  20. mwhite4324 mwhite4324

    lol no skill? he is in the poker Hall of Fame

  21. eyeammi eyeammi

    I always get the feeling that whenever Hellmuth talks to people out of frame, either they don’t exist or they’re nervously trying to avoid acknowledging that he’s talking to them.

  22. RedAcesProductions RedAcesProductions

    It is my lifelong aspiration to be called an idiot by Phil Hellmuth.

  23. ggplata ggplata

    Meltdown in 3…2…1…

  24. wtfisthisship wtfisthisship

    best player in the world

  25. 2035jim 2035jim

    That’s a win right there. Made me laugh.

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