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The Secret of Xao “Jerry” Yang Success

2007 World Series of Poker Main Event champion was a Chinese called Xao “Jerry” Yang who began playing poker in 2005.  The story of Yang is a stepping stone for anyone who believes he or she can achieve unbelievable feat in life with nothing.  After winning a mere $225 satellite at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula as an amateur, he jumped into the 2007 World Series of Poker. He has had four other local clashes in California before this mission impossible poker Main Event. It was an exciting and suspense event with Yang trying to knock out seven of the eight other great players at the final table.

Xao “Jerry” Yang did not give Tuan Lam that opportunity of winning when he used his 8 8 against Lam’s A Q. And when he hit a nine high straight on the river after Lam had caught a queen on the flop on a board of 5 Q 9 7 6. It took a twelve hour final table for $8,250,000 to be given to Yang when he won this title.

“I study my opponents very carefully, and when I sensed something, when I sensed some weakness, I took a chance. Even if I had nothing, I decided to raise, reraise, push all-in or make a call….The only way that I could win this tournament was by being aggressive from the very beginning and that’s exactly what I did. And thank God I was also able to pick up some good cards at the same time.” Yang has said when asked of how he did it. And that is the simple strategy any poker player can make use of in this year’s World Series of Poker that would determine who is going to richer and who is going home as number one.