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  1. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    pathetic play by howard. perfect by hellmuth. why wouldnt anyone jam with middle pair, 10 bigs left behind. howard re raising with K8 is senseless. totally indefensible

  2. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    lol hes so thick

  3. weatherallc05 weatherallc05

    standard 10 bigs shove, fool

  4. champions20000009 champions20000009


  5. b112895 b112895


  6. Venomonia Venomonia

    Its all about karma, Phil doesnt know shit, but if he do!!, then he will be the best poker player, sadly he will never reach the karma lvl as for example GUS HANSEN.

  7. simonino91 simonino91


  8. Tomkuyt Tomkuyt

    who’s that chick?

  9. theblemishedone theblemishedone

    For some strange reason, we love watching Phil Hellmuth as much as we love watching the Jersey Shore.

  10. udlock9 udlock9

    nice tits on shanan 🙂

  11. stwilegar stwilegar

    Has been….. unbelievable that he gets so much attention…

  12. yamazaki2375 yamazaki2375

    Hahaha Fuck you Hellmuth…LOSER!!

  13. pedriano999 pedriano999

    this is so true man, he has only made about 25 million from playing poker, lederer should just quit

  14. PiratOfTheCaribbean PiratOfTheCaribbean

    thats great!

  15. bierbuik bierbuik

    Lol Hellmuth says he allows them to rob him to set up a 66-33 where he’s gonna lose once every three times… And all this to get slightly over his starting stack, deep in an STT. That’s hardly a winning formula lol. It’s actually impossibel to win this way, unless you run very, very good.

  16. dh144498 dh144498

    ur dumb, K8 vs 88, K8 is way behind.

  17. dh144498 dh144498

    howard fucking sucks the end of story.

  18. dh144498 dh144498

    88 is a power house heads up you dumb shit, learn poker before you talk.

  19. FordieMUFC FordieMUFC

    I love when Gus starts to laugh when he says ‘I’m the best NLHE player in the world’ 😀

  20. redhidus redhidus

    oh! i am the world’s gr8st player and i go all in for 8-8 preflop!! common dont be a bitch!

  21. eyzonm3 eyzonm3

    I agree with everything except there is a chance for a miracle straight draw after the turn card. But yes it was a horrible reraise call.

  22. tommyXBOX360 tommyXBOX360

    If you think preflop odds means nothing then plz play with me all day on fulltilt I could quit going to school i would never have to work for the rest of the time youre playing against me !! :D!!!

  23. tommyXBOX360 tommyXBOX360

    Howard lederer is a joke hes a poker player I have 0 respect for his game. He always makes extreme ridicilous tight folds not only on PAD and then all of the sudden he shoves with king 8 well I think someon from a mental institution can play better what the hell was he thinking. Okay hellmuth took it a little bit TOO serieus. but howard is a stupid nitty very very useless pokr player

  24. Tibiace1 Tibiace1

    song reminds me of metal gear solid 2 😀

  25. MrPew17 MrPew17

    is maury helmuth’s bitch?

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