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  1. DirtyBird760 DirtyBird760

    wow ur a horrible player

  2. spacialawareness spacialawareness

    these titles are the best

  3. LoyLT LoyLT

    lol, sorry to say but you are an idiot ! lol you bet most of your chips with 43 but you dont call with q7 with only 80 chips left lololololololol you are smart

  4. Cooldragon567 Cooldragon567

    but at last u suck

  5. Cooldragon567 Cooldragon567

    i loved how u played

  6. blackjacksecretcode blackjacksecretcode

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  7. JHaden23 JHaden23

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  8. blackjacksecretcode blackjacksecretcode

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  9. sergiu9110 sergiu9110

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  10. hedentuhin hedentuhin

    TB plays poker far more aggressively than I. I started playing when I was 18 with poker bonus… I figured out heavy’s tell, he adjusts? his ammo strap.

  11. steveneinstein steveneinstein

    (3:36) Why did you fold QQ to a bet of 120, when the flop came 3,6,7…???

  12. TradingTutor TradingTutor

    Yea but that way you’re either make worse hands than yours to fold or better hands to make a 14 bet, you’ll turn your hand into a bluff…

  13. gder01 gder01

    I was suspicious. Thats why I raised him again, to see if he would come back over the top.

  14. TradingTutor TradingTutor

    Whenthe other guy 12 betted you should be suspicious… You could see that he knew what he was doing…

  15. hedentuhin hedentuhin

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  16. hedentuhin hedentuhin

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  18. redskinz8989 redskinz8989

    i like how he never posts the buy in

  19. hedentuhin hedentuhin

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  20. Kallix666 Kallix666

    holy moses

  21. slimshady617 slimshady617

    “I’ve seen this guy.. you know.. 12 bet me preflop with king jack.. so I mean.. I’m callin”

  22. janeharrisonuk janeharrisonuk

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  23. hedentuhin hedentuhin

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  24. plstrom plstrom

    So 4 months after you realise you cant live a “real” life.. LOL

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