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  1. Shane Dugan Shane Dugan

    That first hand is absolutely hilarious.

  2. sameera5212 sameera5212

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  3. Jack11N Jack11N

    lol now we’re chip leader…it all goes down hill from now

  4. Gdayguy36 Gdayguy36

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    what is the song on the intro?

  6. olenoor olenoor

    Man i miss your videos, they are all awesome. And the fact that some people still think you are serious is just to good for words.

  7. PoleReseal PoleReseal

    “grinding the play chips” haha

  8. Cris Green Cris Green

    induce misclicks lol.

  9. serekes17 serekes17

    Name of the track playing at the beginning, anybody please?

  10. spencelp spencelp

    this is sublime satire.  good work.

  11. MrEeennn MrEeennn

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  12. 123ableTHERollyboy 123ableTHERollyboy

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  13. seanbreakin seanbreakin

    THis guy is gold. And so funny that so many people calling him names taking him seriously. Funniest thing is that all those people that take him seriously are so stupid they would prob lose to him while he plays like this.

  14. sling79 sling79

    you’re hilarious dude!

  15. MrEeennn MrEeennn

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  16. MrEeennn MrEeennn

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  17. MrEeennn MrEeennn

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  18. stokey72 stokey72

    got it in good and got it out bad . lol. square the 7 where does that take us 21?

  19. stokey72 stokey72

    got it in good and got it out bad . lol

  20. MrEeennn MrEeennn

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  21. MrEeennn MrEeennn

    I like the background music. Subtle themes from the different games. I am playing real poker on these days and I can say that I am getting pretty much with them.

  22. VannyHill VannyHill

    you are so bad xD

  23. savingmoneyIN savingmoneyIN

    these videos are so funny. keep it up!

  24. proedgars proedgars

    agreed. i dont know how that retard got so many good coments- its just normal to understand he is total retard playing on free money lmao

  25. blackbeltkarate blackbeltkarate

    LOL “i can waste things, i can keep the television running while im sleeping”

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