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  1. CasadematlockFilms CasadematlockFilms

    When you are up against a stright-flush, bottom pair isn’t good

  2. CasadematlockFilms CasadematlockFilms

    “We’re just gonna value check it around.. Hopefully get some value here” hahahaha

  3. limesoda23 limesoda23


  4. djpj1111 djpj1111

    bada boom bada bing.

  5. Gandalf739 Gandalf739

    this is golden

  6. n3nshat11 n3nshat11

    rebuy tournament strategy. Go all in till you triple your chip stack. then start playing real poker. No need to write a book about it.

  7. manzoorbhatti manzoorbhatti

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  8. CentronLT CentronLT

    “there’s only 1 chip for us to call, i’m getting good odds to call” I laughed my fucking ass off, this video is pure gold.

  9. dannyjw dannyjw

    you got your ass kicked man

  10. supersomebody101 supersomebody101

    pokemon song soooo funny

  11. youluvana youluvana

    i learned that when you are up against straight flush, bottom pair is not good.

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  13. SadgeTT SadgeTT

    i havent laughed this hard in a while, your so funny its insane

  14. hovdeeee hovdeeee

    you know, do you do you blink? how many times do you blink per minute? this is all information that goes into my brain.

  15. ajay0422 ajay0422

    Ah I heard it twice on an image board when some one posted an image they also put “This is credit to team” At first I thought it was the source. By the way I am playing good poker with these days.

  16. emtothedee emtothedee

    when i got all in the chips go in very easily hahahah

  17. RentIsToDamnHigh RentIsToDamnHigh

    min bets the river: ”we’re repping the 10 here” LOLOL 27:40

  18. RentIsToDamnHigh RentIsToDamnHigh

    look up his pokertableratings, retard.

  19. RentIsToDamnHigh RentIsToDamnHigh

    @dlw610 Everything about your comment says ”I’m an idiot”.

  20. thatguywithnothing thatguywithnothing

    you sir are my hero

  21. RaidersRock RaidersRock

    “I’m gonna shove all in into the dry sidepot. We’re chopping for 0. And, he folds.  Beautiful play by me”

    *sucks out on the river*

    “And….we hold”



    what is the intro song? lol

  23. alfemisaballa alfemisaballa

    its funny how hes actually getting all these chips. the other people are terrible

  24. ajay0422 ajay0422

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  25. ajay0422 ajay0422

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