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  1. Felipe Vanegas Felipe Vanegas

    I recently started playing for real money, I was used to play with tons of
    fishes on play money and suddenly it’s not that easy. I lost 8 bucks in 4
    zoom single table games and never even got to double up my money once, so I
    pretty much thought this wasn’t for me and decided to quit. I don’t have a
    bank account so I had to cash out through someone else, long story short I
    got robbed and only have the initial $20 left now. Lost 65 – 68% of my
    bankroll without even playing (had $66, then lost $8 and got $38 robbed)
    and to be honest I feel damn stupid and kinda depressed when I think about
    poker. That was about a week ago and I just bought-in on a micro buy-in
    tournament yesterday ($0.11) and actually won something (stupid min cash of
    $0.13); got pretty deep and then lost to a bad beat with AA against a huge
    monster stack with top pair and then 2 pair on the river. Anyway I really
    took a lot of stupid risks although I got lucky one time shoving with 8Jo
    pre-flop and flopped a str8, but I should have lost earlier instead of min
    cash, that was pretty stupid. I still feel a little shitty but I want to
    keep trying, I think a have potential to be at least a semi-pro poker
    player and I would appreciate any advice from anybody on how to start
    building up my bankroll from the very beginning. Thanks guys, I know it
    sounds lame, that’s why I’m asking for a little advice and support.

  2. bceltics86 bceltics86

    i have blown my whole bankroll so many times by just all in jamming like a
    psychopath until i have nothing left. Everytime I think ive overcome it it
    just fuckin happens again. This is my biggest problem in poker by far and
    the only thing stopping me from making money. Can anyone relate to this?

  3. Finn Read Finn Read


  4. Michael Brooke Michael Brooke

    I suffer from the ‘Woe Is Me Syndrome’. Even though its illogical and I
    know I am wrong for thinking it, I always feel I run bad when it matters
    and run good when it doesn’t and this is one of the causes for my major
    blow ups. This video has helped, thanks Evan

  5. Claudio Castrataro Claudio Castrataro

    you are a idiot !

  6. Timmy Dougherty Timmy Dougherty

    Thanks bro

  7. Sergiu Sichim Sergiu Sichim

    Thank you for the video, Evan. It’s so true, i found myself in this
    position and took your advice. Now it’s lot better.

  8. iFeelGroggy iFeelGroggy

    running so bad lately, flopping a set and getting runner runner full
    housed, constantly losing ak vs aq to a straight, i keep getting it in good
    and getting sucked out on. I don’t let it effect my play but it effects my
    motivation to play

  9. rememberPurity rememberPurity

    Nice job, summarized well. Understanding why we commit suicide and blow up,
    even while knowing your 10 seconds away from being proven a fool! “I’m all
    in” says the idiot who isn’t even trying to set up a bluff. You make a bet,
    the other person calls, you bet again, he raises, “I am all in!” You think
    ” did I just say that? Or was it my pair of 99’s? The other guys doesn’t
    even think about and calls with his two pair. Dam who is the bigger idiot,
    I could have flopped a set! No no no, you had tilt all over your face. Man
    I have to use this! A blow up but actually when you have the nuts!!

  10. bijoyjoseph1 bijoyjoseph1

    Hiiii… Please let me know your comments if any on this issue. My brain
    gets freezed after playing 3hrs of poker. It happens on live games
    typically. Online..i can adjust as i dont have to take too much math in my
    head. Today i was playing on a live cash game and i was up 3 times max
    buyin and was doing good and have to stop the game since i felt my brain is
    foggy. Can’t do any math calculations or think about turn and river plans
    on the flop. I had good read on the table and it seems it all vanished.
    Anyone faced this issue before?.. I was so pathetic that i started
    forgetting to place the blinds..

    Note: I’m not use to playing live games. played 3-4 games only

  11. Stephen Cunningham Stephen Cunningham

    I saw somewhere that Tilt is the brain using a defense mechanism related to
    a threat. It’s more primal but it is milliseconds faster than a normal
    reaction and that’s why it occurs.

    I find myself tilting a lot when I feel like I play well but still lose.
    For example I lost KK Vs lower pock pairs 4 times in a row. It sets me off
    on a downward spiral.

  12. WaspSnG WaspSnG

    Hey mr. Gripsed (dunnow your name, I’m sorry :-X),
    I was wondering if you can create more content about making notes and make
    it somewhat lengthier. I still have major problems with this, as I’m stuck
    in the middle of hands reading enormous notes and already time banking for
    a while until I decode it.
    Perhaps you can also do a video on poker software (not a specific program)
    and what a good beginning setup is with basic and somewhat advanced stats
    (such as VPIP, PFR, AG on different streets etc.). I have the same problem
    here as with notes, there’s just way too much going on, on the screen as I
    have three lines of stats plus a popup thing, and there’s just too much to
    process for me.
    Cheers, really enjoy your video’s. 

  13. sr1129 sr1129

    I think Tilt can be defined as: Being emotionally out of control to the
    point where you no longer can make the optimal decision. That would be the
    simplest definition.

  14. Jimmy Resnick Jimmy Resnick

    One of your best videos mate! Some terrific insights. Enjoy Oz. Ship those
    Aussie Millions!! 

  15. kickalion kickalion

    there is also a winning tilt

  16. anesti mihalchev anesti mihalchev

    hey Gripsed i am happy for you man that you r doing what you want and being
    strong to continue. respect 🙂 keep it up man

  17. thehugegnome thehugegnome

    I sometimes get tilted by the thought of being outplayed. I hate the
    feeling of having one or more players who are smarter than me at the table.
    This causes paranoia and I make some silly playbacks so they can easily
    exploit me with strong hands. I think I just have to accept that they are
    going to fuck around with me and avoid playing pots with them. If I make a
    misstake 50% of the time and they only make a misstake 20% of the time
    against me, it´s not very smart to tangle with them.

  18. rival dave rival dave

    I second winning tilt. I never thought of it before until this video. Soon
    as I win through a few good sessions , I get into expectation mode. I then
    proceed to blow up because I perceive things to be moving too slow. 

  19. ekw555 ekw555

    to paraphrase Tommy Angelo – tilt is whenever you are not playing your A
    Jared Tendler’s Mental Game of Poker Books are very good at helping to get
    to the cause of tilt.
    because while it is important to recognize when you are on tilt so you can
    limit the damage, it is more important in the long term to recognize what
    makes you tilt so you can either avoid it, or control it to whatever degree
    control is possible.

    in this respect, Tommy Angelo has some very good advice: quitting is a

    I get tilted online by
    1) when my bad reads or bad plays get me stacked
    2) after a string of bad beats

    but I don’t “spew monkey” tilt. I go into “super nit” tilt where I start
    to think stuff like “I might as well just fold AK preflop because I never
    win with it”

    playing live, I get tilted by
    1) knowing I’m going to miss the money when I lose a few buy-ins (200NL)
    2) being card dead for long stretches
    3) knowing that I am probably the fish at the table in a live game.

  20. c souza c souza

    Same Sunday Million Epihfany77 won, you made a Deep Run, even size the
    chiplead with 18 players left, wow did you feel Evan, getting AA cracked,
    and go out with a runner runner str8.

  21. Progamechallenger Progamechallenger

    Hey Evan please stop what you are doing here and just stick to your poker
    reviews! Tilt is impossible to ignore if we take as a fact that the poker
    sites you are supporting are rigged and illegal. So what you are trying to
    convince these ignorant guys down here is totally illegal!! We all know
    poker sites pay u… ;). And stop talking about HARD WORK, cause the work
    you put reading and practicing means sh t when a poker site is rigged!!!!!

  22. RampageGaming RampageGaming

    for me its definitely when i have a few bad beats in a row as i multi table
    this is statistically pretty often its a real problem for me and i am
    trying to retrain my brain to be less frustrated when i get bad beats as
    they are just a part of the game

  23. toe2toe toe2toe

    This video is awesome! You’re applying David DeAngelo style dating and
    personal development psychology to poker. Love it!

  24. marvin tan marvin tan

    2014 is out YEAR, hell yeah

  25. James YungSavant James YungSavant

    lizard brain

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