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  1. JiveDadson JiveDadson

    Starts at 5:20

  2. LunaioSonaa197 LunaioSonaa197


  3. MrPasympa MrPasympa

    Demidov is the best player at this final table. I think… Because they cut the hands where there is not a huge pot.

  4. CasinoPartySpace CasinoPartySpace

    I download this software to see opponent’s hole cards at CHEATONLINEPOKER. INFO

  5. nicolasiscoool nicolasiscoool

    jezus finally they start poker @ 5.20

  6. HeroesOfLiLTits HeroesOfLiLTits

    beautiful bluff !!

  7. W4rku5 W4rku5


  8. pabloernesto19 pabloernesto19

    Thanks for upload

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