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  1. JiveDadson JiveDadson

    I am sure the Russians are not amused by Chad’s jokes about the Soviet Union and hammer and sickle.

  2. atomisten atomisten

    i hope idiot dennis phillips dies painfully

  3. 85lawandafarley85q 85lawandafarley85q


  4. LucasHoward0 LucasHoward0

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  5. DanieINegreanu2700 DanieINegreanu2700

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  6. JohnQWydell JohnQWydell

    Schwarz could have won this tourney. But after the AQ/QQ hand vs. Phillips he was broken

  7. Majorbludd817 Majorbludd817

    Yeah Philips proves any idiot can make the final table. That move with AQ was horrible. That was a move I wouldn’t even make in a $5 home game. lol!

  8. jclwhite jclwhite

    Philips is shit.

  9. willemrules willemrules

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